Entrepreneurial Women – Jenny Haddad Founder of DB Babies

We are always so inspired by women who lead.. specifically those who lead with purpose & passion. Dubai has enabled the growth of many entrepreneurs, being a wondrous haven for those who dare to live their dreams. DB Babies is the region’s Multi-brand one stop mother & baby boutique sourcing only the finest in mother, […]

Dolce In The City – Culinary School For A Day

Every month we will be showcasing the trendiest thing to do in this beautiful cosmopolitan city of Dubai. Surrounded by constant innovation and change; Dubai has inspired us as it has done so for many to explore activities that enrich our days & refine our nights. Every woman should take the time to re invent […]

Style Focus – Sexiest Swimsuit For Your Body Type

A woman is most flattering in a beautiful outfit that suits her, you can accentuate your best body feature through your choice of clothing. However when you are on the beach trying to get your tan on you may need to get extra creative with your choice of swimwear. We love one stop shops.. Especially […]

FASHION FOCUS – Exclusive Interview with Sawwad Fashion

In a world where almost every women desires to become a fashion designer.. It is so inspiring to get to meet those who are truly passionate about fashion, about dressing women, about empowering women with their choice of clothing. What truly makes a great designer is her attention to detail and her constant hard work […]

A Culinary Experience

Dubai has always been the heart of everything exquisite founded by visionaries. Culinary Boutique is home to gourmet cuisine lovers & culinary enthusiasts. Located in Jumeirah, this homegrown boutique restaurant has been lovingly created to satisfy every Dubai foodie’s taste buds. Offering a varied menu of delectable dishes, everyone is bound to find a dish […]

Bali Bliss Adventure & Retreat

Looking for a great getaway, where you can just unwind and relax ? Where everything is already planned for you ? A place where you can switch off and embrace reconnecting with yourself ? An experience solely based on you and your inner being ? Look no further.. This year from June 3rd -10th 2017, […]

Mediterranean Melange at Level Seven

A Chic medley of Italian, Spanish & Greek cuisine tastefully presented within a rustic market- like ambiance, Level 7 is the bustling social hot spot in town. Conveniently located on the 7th floor of the newly opened W Hotel, Habtoor City. Open 24hours, serving a delicious variety of choices all day and all night you […]

Little Bugs by Little Farasha

As the sun shines in summertime, the flowers continue to blossom in the garden blessing us with beauty, color & life.. So does the Little Farasha fluttering across the blossoms and buds. As she spreads her wings to dance in the wind she introduces us to a beautiful cute & adorable little collection.. A Little […]

A Healthy Home

I truly believe in the importance of a clean & healthy home. Its always nice to come home to a place that smells good, feels good and looks good. However most people nowadays are having busy work week schedules and hire any part time housekeeper to do the job.. yet that isn’t sufficient enough. In […]

How to Banish those Baby Blues

They say that a new experiences stretches the mind into a new dimension, I believe this to be very true. Of all the experiences I’ve been through at my young age, I would have to say pregnancy is probably the most incredible experience any woman can go through. Nurturing yourself as your little one grows […]

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