A Romantic Tiffany Tale

Tiffany & Co is known for it’s perfected handcrafted jewelry, owning over 175 years of design excellence, Tiffany creates the ultimate gift of Romance.

This year you can say ‘I Love You’ with The Tiffany EnchantCollection inspired by fanciful gates that surround sumptuous gardens and grand estates. The heart is the symbol of love, Tiffany embraces this beautiful symbol with heart-shaped earrings from the Tiffany EnchantCollection. The earrings are created with luminous and rosy Rubedo® metal, Tiffany’s latest innovation in a legacy that set the American standard for sterling silver in 1851 and platinum in 1926.


The Tiffany Enchantcollection also includes a scroll pendant in Rubedo® metal. Radiating with love the metal glows with the opulence of formal gardens reflecting the poetic spirit that flourish is such a beautiful ambiance.

Unlock her heart with the Iconic Tiffany Keys, designed in motifs from the Tiffany Enchant jewelry collection with white, pink, and yellow diamonds in platinum and 18k gold and rose-gold. Each of these sparkling keys sending a beautiful message that life is an inspired journey filled with many possibilities. 


Renowned as the premier jeweler of diamonds & true love, Tiffany creates an engagement ring with a heart-shaped diamond of impeccable beauty and grace. The exquisite stone is cut and mounted in platinum by masters of the jeweler’s art.

Each beautiful Tiffany Valentine is gifted in the Tiffany Blue Box, the ultimate symbol of style & luxury that makes hearts beat faster the world over.

Tiffany-heart-shaped_2545Tell a romantic Tiffany tale this year to your sweet Valentine.
Please Visit Tiffany & Co. for more information.

Noura G xx


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