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Style Focus – Sexiest Swimsuit For Your Body Type

A woman is most flattering in a beautiful outfit that suits her, you can accentuate your best body feature through your choice of clothing. However when you are on the beach trying to get your tan on you may need to get extra creative with your choice of swimwear.

We love one stop shops.. Especially when you can receive your order at door step in less than 3 hours !

Sand Dollar is a pristine Beachwear & Swimwear Online Boutique also located in Fairmont Hotel & Resort – The Palm Jumeirah. Owning a large variety of well renowned brands like ‘Camilla’ and ‘Melissa Odabash’ to name a few. The unique name comes from the Lucky Sea Shells called “Sand Dollars” found at the bottom of the sea on the ocean bed. If you find one of these lucky gems you are destined to have a run of good luck !

So here’s our style tips for dressing yourself sexy in the best swimwear for your body type !


Scallop Edge High neck one piece 495dhs

Tasha Short Dress 815dhs

Raquel Tassel Bracelet 650dhs

Fedora Hat 535dhs

Metallic Coral Flip Flops 155dhs

Ice cream Pool Float 195

Style Tip: Flattering necklines reveal collar bones and tanned shoulders, combined with short dresses create the ultimate silhouette.


Long Sleeve Dress 1655dhs

Diamond Triangle Bikini 965dhs

Metallic Gold Flip Flops 155dhs

Capri Tote Bag 1195dhs

Sunglasses 105dhs

Style Tip: Curves need to be shown off. Tight dresses accentuate curves in all the right places. Triangle cut bikinis with a more supportive halter neck will create the best bust shape with an extra support.


Verona Bikini 940dhs

Melissa Odabash Carolina Shorts 940dhs

Seahaven Top 1045dhs

Dido Bangle 625dhs

Flamingo Pool Float 220Dhs

Style Tip: Short Shorts & tie side bottoms will elongate your legs – Keep it cropped ! Add summer wedges or a platform sandals for that extra umph – lay off the flats.


Exotic Hypnotic V Neck Ruffle One piece 1315dhs

Exotic Hypnotic Short Kaftan 1825dhs

JouJoux Suede Handbag 1920

Dylan GP Bangle 610dhs

Aurora GP Bangle 735dhs

Crystal Slim Lux Flip Flops 330dhs

Giant Pegasus Pool Float 320dhs

Style Tip: Loosely fitted kaftans are perfect for women who are trying to conceal their waistline, creating a flattering floaty silhouette. Low neckline with ruffles will highlight your womanly curves by directing attention away from your troubled areas.


70’s Love Rouge Moulded Top Bikini 560dhs

Raquel Tassel Bangle 715dhs

Gold Hardware Flip Flops 270dhs

Wrap Around Pants 440dhs

Sunglasses 105dhs

Round Towel 180dhs

Style Tip: Larger busts require designs supported with moulded shapes, and if you’ve got it flaunt it!


One Shoulder Yellow Bikini 1050dhs

Pale Blue Shirt 490dhs

Toucan Clutch Bag 540dhs

Slim Iceblue Flip Flops 140dhs

Toucan Pool Float 325dhs

Style Tip: One shoulder cuts are flattering on athletic bodies, a loosely fitted shirt cropped and tied up looks great with women with longer body shapes aaccentuating a tight toned physique.



Geometric Tankini 595dhs

White Kimono 440dhs

Suede Tassel bag 1245dhs

Fedora Hat 670dhs

Slim Turquoise Flip Flops 155dhs

Pool Ring 130dhs

Style Tip: Pregnant bumps look great in tankinis but don’t hide it away, a loosely fitted open Kimono will be the most comfortable cover up.


Marble Cross over Swimsuit 458dhs

Pleated sunrise shorts & top 430dhs

Clutch 605dhs

Slim Candy Flip Flops 155dhs

Giant Pineapple Pool Float 250dhs

Round Towel 180dhs

Style Tip: Forget the cellulite and wear a statement swimsuit that will direct attention towards your face / upper body.. All eyes on you !


Crotchet Triangle Bikini 1050dhs

Mini Sundress 350dhs

Clutch Bag 540dhs

Slim White Flip Flops 125dhs

Panama Hat 420dhs

Earrings 475dhs

Unicorn Pool Float 320dhs

Round Towel 295dhs

Style Tip: Hourglass figures have the best curves! Brazilian side cut on bikini bottoms reveal the best shape.

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FASHION FOCUS – Exclusive Interview with Sawwad Fashion

In a world where almost every women desires to become a fashion designer.. It is so inspiring to get to meet those who are truly passionate about fashion, about dressing women, about empowering women with their choice of clothing. What truly makes a great designer is her attention to detail and her constant hard work in creating signature pieces.

We respect these women, and pride them for their passionate contribution within the industry. A woman we admire for her perseverance and creativity.. A woman who holds character and substance to her brand. We fell in love with Salma’s story & hope to inspire you with the same. Read on as she shares some tips and advice to aspiring designers & entrepreneurs..

Founder of Sawwad Fashion

 What Was Your Greatest Inspiration Behind Sawwad Fashion ? 

SALMA: I always knew I wanted to express my own voice and contribute to the beauty of the world around us. Only when I made the life altering decision to move to New York did I discover that the vehicle of my choice was fashion. As I worked as a designer for the greatest names in fashion, like Ralph Lauren, Narciso Rodriguez, Alexander Wang and Armani Exchange, all I could think about was that I need to take all this knowledge back home and share it with the creative minds of our region to propel us all forward. I believe that the best way to inspire others is by being the most marvelous version of yourself you could possibly be as you maintain your authenticity.

The name Sawwad was actually coined under very different circumstances. I was going through the toughest period of my life and decided to intentionally focus on the light that is shrouded by all the dark clouds. That’s what the name means in Arabic, Sawwad literally is translated as “Darkness” and is rooted from the Arabic word for the color “Black”. It is a message to myself that always reminds me that “from the darkest times, shines your brightest light” . Of course it also happens to be the abbreviation of my name and the number one color worn in the fashion industry, so that was a cool bonus! It just all came together flawlessly.

When / Where Was Sawwad Fashion launched ? 

SALMA: I Launched it here, in Dubai. Everything I do is done 100% in the UAE, from my designing, to manufacturing to styling projects, it is a fashion and lifestyle brand that is focused on an entrepreneur’s journey in the UAE. Fashion doesn’t exist in a vacuum , and I wanted to candidly convey the full package that comes with choosing to lead such a lifestyle and career choice in our region. Although the company was created and licensed at an earlier date as a way to affirm my intention, I officially started my Sawwad journey in October 2015.

Who is Salma ? What Are Her Greatest Passions & Dreams?

SALMA: I am a passion entrepreneur. So I am lucky enough to be living out my passions on a daily basis, and fully comprehend that this is a true blessing. Mind you, there was a lot of second guessing and hesitation at the beginning of this journey, but I made a conscious decision, every single day, to stop taking security life rafts and just stick to pursuing my vision full heartedly. Ever since, I’ve been living and evolving into my dream life, enjoying the journey and endless possibilities that come with it. What makes me happy? Co-creating. When you meet someone that is on the same wavelength with complimenting skills and you decide to pursue a passion project together. Now that is pure bliss.

 Where Do You See Sawwad Fashion in 8 years ? 

SALMA: 8 years!! Wow, that is a very long time. I am a planner, but I definitely live in the moment, moment by moment. I believe all big accomplishments are made up of the smallest steps, so you have to pay attention to these little steps. I can only tell you what I aspire for right now, hopefully this will all unfold in less than 8 years and a new set of aspirations will kick into place. I aim for Sawwad to be a creative lifestyle brand encompassing all things from fashion and well being to all forms of authentic creative expression. I embrace the new, the cutting edge and even the unconventional, leveraging what I know for an endless quest of enrichment and the beauty of what can manifest on the journey. Think, Virgin and Richard Branson, he didn’t limit himself by titles, he just followed is creative bliss. Right now, Sawwad is working on 4 different passion projects, only 2 of them encompass fashion, the other two have to do with living a creative and empowered lifestyle. I’m so excited to share with you the details as they unfold.

What Would you Advise to Young & Aspiring Designers ? 

SALMA: Learn to trust yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else and your intuition is always on point. Always be gentle with yourself and flexible on your journey, for that is where the best surprises are in store.

What Makes Sawwad Fashion Unique ? 

SALMA: It comes from the heart! My tailoring, laser cutting techniques, designs, styling projects and creative decisions are all pieces of a puzzle that come together to make a bigger picture of pushing through the boundaries of our current creative pool and capabilities. I want to show that we can do it all, and we can do it better, right here, homegrown and proud.

Tell Us About Your Collections, How Were They Inspired ? 

SALMA: With regards to the fashion design branch of Sawwad, the capsule collections I introduce are what I call “experimental fashion” because they bring forth elements that have yet to be done in our market. My laser cut butterfly jackets are my signature pieces and best represent that concept. The butterfly collection, came from my motto of “evolve to the highest form that is intended for you” and each butterfly was hand drawn, carefully crafted and meticulously merged with its tailored structure. It took a lot of patience and experimentation to achieve the final result that you see now. But that is the only way I know how to do things.

What Does Sawwad Encompass?

SALMA: Right now, as Sawwad stands today, we have an experimental fashion design branch, an editorial styling branch, and a creative consulting and content creation branch. Of course, the fashion and lifestyle blogging brings them all together and documents the whole journey. That can be a full branch in its own right.

What Are Your Life Mottos ? 

SALMA: I already shared a few throughout this interview, but if I had to add another it would be Rumi’s quote stating, “the art of knowing is knowing what to ignore.” In this day and age, this quote couldn’t be more true. We have so much information thrown at us, so many messages so much noise, it is easy to get carried away with it all. We live in a time where your most valuable skill is learning how to go inward, block out all the noise and just listen to your own voice. It will guide you towards your bliss.

What is Your Favorite Brand ? 

SALMA: I admire Iris Van Herpen and her forward-thinking perspective on life. Her designs truly challenge the status quo what is believed to be the limits of fashion creativity. You can tell she is clearly listening to her own voice which is what makes her stand out from the crowd and leaves you on the edge of your seat.

What Quote Do You Live By ?

SALMA: “I only have eyes for what I am dreaming” That’s actually my own quote. It is my mantra and perspective on life

 What Is Your Favorite Destination? 

SALMA: Oh my goodness. I don’t think I’ve seen enough to be able to answer that. Right now, I’ll have to say New York!! But that is because I lived there and I have a soft spot for it since it awakened the designer in me. But maybe in the future it’ll be somewhere like Bali, only time will tell.

What Message Would You Like To Share With Your Followers, Customers & Admirers?

SALMA: Follow your happiness, it is your best guidance system to gauge whether you’re on the right track. Always, service your happiness first and the rest will fall into place.

For More Information on Sawwad Fashion
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Little Bugs by Little Farasha


As the sun shines in summertime, the flowers continue to blossom in the garden blessing us with beauty, color & life.. So does the Little Farasha fluttering across the blossoms and buds.
As she spreads her wings to dance in the wind she introduces us to a beautiful cute & adorable little collection..
A Little Bugs Collection.

Little Farasha – meaning Little Butterfly translated from Arabic is comprised of a collection of hand-crafted Middle Eastern inspired accessories for trendy babies and glamorous yet modest mothers. Little Farasha continues to bring us cheery designs and jovial collections.. as she brings to life Little Bugs.

The Little Bugs Collection is a newly launched line of clothing for your trendy little ones. From babies and up including mommy and me styles.. Little Bugs is the most adorable collection embracing all our delightful and familiar little friends in the garden.

Let us congratulate Little Farasha as she embraces culture and creativity through her unique designs.
Breezy little bees, spirited little snails, dreamy little dragonflies.. your little ones will be the cutest Little Bugs.

For More Information Please Visit
Little Farasha

Noura G xx


March Marche Avec Chanel


Karl Lagerfeld creatively embraced a fashionable cart-pushing delight around the world with a phenomenal performance for Chanel’s Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear 14/15 Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week.

The exclusive Chanel Shopping Center is this season’s most excitingly talked about fashion extravaganza. The Grand Palais in Paris was transformed into a luxury supermarket as isles of Chanel goods were stocked from Chanel branded biscuits, eggs, poultry, cleaning materials.. Chanel Tea included The Little Black Tea and Jasmin Dragon Pearls. Paint colors were numbered and named accordingly : 1903 Bleu Confection, 1914 Gris Jersey, 1954 Jaune Etienne.. From Choco Chanel to Coco Pops we loved how the marche was one we can relate to. Camellias were selectively embellished within the designs. Basically, Karl did make sure the supermarket was well equipped with all essentials and a little more Chanel luxe !

The Runway took the audience through a Chanel Shopping spree as models showcased the collection in a fun-frenzy yet chic manner.
Chanel Crop-tops, waisted chain-belts, sneaker boots and rag tweeds were the highlight of the show.

Karl has brought reality to the runway this season as he takes the modern day woman through an ordinary everyday life activity, the Chanel way. “After the art show, I said, ‘What can we do worse, something [more about] today?’ The supermarket is a thing of today’s life. Even the woman who wears expensive clothing goes to the supermarket, but she shouldn’t go in stilettos.”

Created solely for this occasion has got the world enticed to the idea of an actual Chanel supermarket.
For More Information on the Collection Please Visit
Noura G xx




California Dreaming with Banana Republic

IMG_00002424 IMG_00002448IMG_00002461IMG_00002433IMG_00002427IMG_00002436IMG_00002455


Banana Republic is a Clothing & Accessories retailer owned by American Multinational corporation The Gap Inc. It was founded in 1978 by Mel & Patricia Ziegler with a safari theme; in 1983 Gap purchased the company and gave it more of an upscale image.

Although San Francisco is home to Banana Republic, the Spring 2014 Collection preview brought California to Dubai, taking us through the brand’s West Coast heritage, definitely an evening spent in ‘True California’.

This season’s Ready-to-Wear unveiled Banana Republic’s classical American appeal expressing an authentically fresh and friendly sportswear collection. A neutral color palette was definitely the inspiration behind this contemporary collection. Acting head of Woman’s design mentions her melange of “Sonoran desert shades; sand, oatmeal and hints of grounding coral”. The pants silhouettes were causal and relaxed.. My favorite were the classical ivory linen & cotton navy pique trousers styled with ankle-strapped shades of brun sandals. From flattering fluted skirts, to soft borrowed from the ‘boyfriend’ white & beige chinos cuffed right above the ankles.. all were seen classically coupled with a tonal basket- weave sweater and Banana Republic’s signature safari Jacket.

Color-blocked tuxedo stripes, braided bangle bracelets and monochrome bucket bags were alive throughout the musical night. Tailored khaki suits, sophisticated pea-coats and light wash jeans took the hype in menswear this season.

As we watched the sun set amidst the lush green gardens surrounded by fresh water fountains of youth & joy.. swings & hammocks danced the night away to a lively ambiance where guests could kick-back to some fresh lemonade, candy, canapes and live barbecue.
Models and puppies dressed the garden with Banana Republic’s west coast feel while we got to go home with a fun-frenzy flip book and a pretty pink & tan leather plush pouch.

 It was all about California Love in Dazzling Dubai
For More Information Please Visit

Banana Republic

Noura G xx


Golden Globe Awards

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association founded the Golden Globe Awards in 1943. HFPA consists of a group of journalists who manage the United States Entertainment Industry. At present, an impressive 93 members of HFPA represent at least 55 countries. Every January, HFPA hosts it’s annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony held in Los Angeles.

The Golden Globe Awards recognizes excellence in Film and Television, domestically and internationally. This annual formal ceremony and dinner is one of Hollywood’s greatest accolades within the awards season joining with the Academy Awards.

The 71st Golden Globe Award was held on January 12th this year honoring the greatest in Film and Television for 2013 at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills California, a destination host since 1961.

So, who made the cut this year ?

Best motion picture, drama: 12 Years A Slave
Best motion picture, musical or comedy: American Hustle
Best director for motion picture: Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity
Best actor in a motion picture, drama: Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club
Best actress in a motion picture, drama: Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine
Best actor in a motion picture, comedy: Leonardo DiCaprio, Wolf of Wall Street
Best actress in a motion picture, comedy: Amy Adams, American Hustle
Best supporting actor in a motion picture: Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club
Best supporting actress in a motion picture: Jennifer Lawrence
Best screenplay: Spike Jonze, Her
Best foreign language film: The Great Beauty
Best original score: Alex Ebert, All is Lost
Best original song from a motion picture: Ordinary Love, from Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Best animated feature film: FrozenBest TV drama: Breaking Bad
Best actor in a TV series, drama: Bryan Cranston
Best actress in a TV series, drama: Robin Wright, House of Cards
Best actor in a TV series, comedy: Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Best actress in a TV series, Comedy: Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation
Best TV series, comedy or musical: Brooklyn 99
Best supporting actor in a TV series, mini-series or TV movie: Jon Voight, Ray Donovan
Best mini-series or TV movie: Behind the Candelabra
Best actor in a mini-series or TV movie: Michael Douglas, Behind the Candelabra
Best actress in a mini-series or TV movie: Elisabeth Moss
And here’s who made our “Best-dressed” cut..
Margot Robbie in subtle crystal detailing Gucci
Margot Robbie in subtle crystal detailing Gucci
Cate Blanchett in 11-carat Chopard diamond earrings.

Cate Blanchett in 11-carat Chopard diamond earrings.

Sofia Vergara in Zac Posen * EDITOR'S PICK*

Sofia Vergara in Zac Posen

Taylor Swift in Carolina Herrera

Taylor Swift in Carolina Herrera

Allison Williams in Alexander McQueen

Allison Williams in Alexander McQueen

Jessica Chastain in Givency

Jessica Chastain in classic Givenchy


Jenna Dewan Tatum (post pregnancy) in Black & White Netted Roberto Cavalli

The Golden Globe Awards has always been the destination where exuberant talent and extraordinary fashion style is distinguished..

Marilyn Monroe in 1959

Marilyn Monroe in 1959





Cher with Sonny Bono 1973

Cher with Sonny Bono 1973


















Noura G xx

Cartier Christmas Cheer

Captured by Coppi Barbieri

Captured by Coppi Barbieri

Captured by Coppi Barbieri

Captured by Coppi Barbieri

It definitely is the season to be jolly here in Dubai as the weather cheers us with some sweet sunshine and cool winter breezes.

Cartier’s Winter collection is enchanting through this season’s dreamy pieces. As Christams and the New Year approach us around the corner, we can sparkle the festive season away with these gorgeous pieces of fine jewelry.

Cartier has always promised us with the finest in watches & jewelry, the elegant brand exudes a panther-esque luxe appeal which remains classical yet spirited.

Enjoy the animation of this jovial Winter-Tale as you float away into a magical realm of Beauty & Sophistication.

Please Click on the link below to view
Cartier’s Cheerful Winter-Tale 

Noura G xx

Captured by Coppi Barbieri

Captured by Coppi Barbieri


Captured by Coppi Barbieri

Captured by Coppi Barbieri


Captured by Coppi Barbieri

Captured by Coppi Barbieri


For more on Cartier visit

Dreams are unlocked at The Fashion Vault


Dubai is the city of Dolce Dreams..

I feel so blessed to witness the growth and success Dubai has achieved over the years. Living my whole life in this city of wonders, I believe that nothing is impossible. To have been able to observe the transformation Dubai has gone through over the years really does create a strong culture of people who believe in pursuing their dreams. H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoom once said, “We, in the UAE, have no such word as “impossible”; it does not exist in our lexicon. Such a word is used by the lazy and the weak, who fear challenges and progress. When one doubts his potential and capabilities as well as his confidence, he will lose the compass that leads him to success and excellence, thus failing to achieve his goal. I require you, youth, to insist on number one.”
This is what I grew up into.. and this is what I hold in my heart to succeed in making a difference in the world.

The Fashion Vault has just launched it’s boutique in Sunset Mall, embracing local talent in a treasury for Fashionistas.. This is the Dubai I love, a city where all is possible in the support for new talent, new creativity and state-of-the-art implementation.

Head down to Sunset Mall on Jumeirah Beach RD, to embrace the most fashionable pieces in town.

Noura G xx



Molto Moschino


Italian designer Franco Moschino is known for his eccentric, colorful and marvelous designs. Created in 1983, Moschino is one of Italy’s most successful fashion houses today.

I was pleased to be invited to a private VIP preview of the Spring/Summer’14 collection.The event was celebrated in the heart of DIFC through an artistic expression of the brand’s heritage, fun and pizazz.  The SS14 collection was unveiled in a dramatic & decorative manner as live music orchestrated the eloquent evening with risqué-rouge lights symbolizing the sexy Moschino Mademoiselle. Models showcasing the collection were demonstrated in a good/bad duality that complemented the I-am-what-I-am approach.

Sequins, leather and chains translated as Molto Moschino in an elegant glamor more appropriate for the brand’s ‘Bad’ Moschino woman. On the contrary,the grace & tenderness of ruffles, gingham and polka dot circle skirts manifested the ‘Good’ Moschino woman.

Molto Moschino is Molto Dolce.. Grazie Mille Moschino !

Noura G xx

IMG_0252IMG_0253IMG_00001527IMG_00001528Please visit for more information on the collection.



I am one who is charmed by the evolution of Fashion & how it never ceases to flower and develop in more ways than one.

Mahani Dubai is elegantly nestled within the Emirates Towers Boulevard, this is one of Dubai’s most creative boutique concepts; combining a carefully curated selection of Fashion, Food, Art & Magazines.

The boutique is a place where young designers can showcase their talents in order to allow for them to flourish. In an urban yet stylish atmosphere Mahani’s interiors designed by London-based studio Togood creates an eccentric ambiance where finesse meets minimalism. Guests can also enjoy a selection of pastries and beverages created by Italian food designers Arabeschi Di Latte made by Fait Maison Dubai. Whether its looking through the stores innovative magazines such as Love, POP and Interview or checking out this season’s latest trends, Mahani has got the latest in Fashion for you !

Fashion is all about creativity and beauty, new designers today are confronted with many opportunities to showcase their talents. Having attended Mahani’s exclusive ‘Fashion Talks’ event, I was impressed with the latest in Fashion.

London- based Fashion designers, James Long, JJS Lee and Matthew Miller independently showcased their Spring-Summer ’14 Collection in a rather refreshing and interactive manner. Hosted by Mohammed Al Habtoor, Zahra Lyla Pedram and on behalf of Mahani – Farah Taqi & Cedric Lavens, 3 panels of discussions took place amongst the designers embracing Trend Analysis, Fashion History in Digital Times and the Business of Fashion.

“Trends start from the street on” It is really all about street style and free styling. Designers are particularly captivated by mixing and matching rather than wearing a particular brand from head to toe.

The designers agreed that SS ’14 must have items for every fashionista are a sweatshirt and a pair of chic trainers. As fashion re invents itself endlessly through the years we do find that certain trends are repetitive, white and blue are 2 color trends that have a regular occurrence. History plays a big role on the fashion trends of today.

As designers create new pieces the impact of the digital world has assisted in what we call ‘Fast Fashion’ today.

Designers live for their dream, which is to create masterpieces of work to adorn a man or a woman. The technological era today has allowed for designers to receive instant feedback on their fashion shows or simply their pieces. With the rise of fashion bloggers, fashion designers have also seen a rise of awareness for their brands. This positive impact has benefited designers all over the world who aim to increase appreciation of their creations & exposure of their brands.

Mahani hosted an enlightening event that allowed for new designers to share their experiences and know-how of the industry, as well as their reasons for exploring the Middle Eastern markets.

Fashion collaborates passion, culture and inspiration in a world of creativity and opportunity.. This is definitely where I belong.

Visit for more on the boutique concept and designer brands.

Below are my SS’14 must have pieces.. what are yours ?

Noura x

Chloé Suede, leather and canvas wedge sneakers  AED2,588

Suede, leather and canvas wedge sneakers

HOMIES Crewneck White/Gold  AED 440

HOMIES Crewneck White/Gold
AED 440



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