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A Healthy Home


I truly believe in the importance of a clean & healthy home. Its always nice to come home to a place that smells good, feels good and looks good. However most people nowadays are having busy work week schedules and hire any part time housekeeper to do the job.. yet that isn’t sufficient enough.

In order to truly live in a healthy, clean home I’m talking about what’s hiding in your mattress, curtains, carpets and AC vents, things that are not clearly visible to the eye.

Having a newborn baby on board as well, I was pleased to come across The Healthy Home Middle East, which specializes in Indoor Environment Control by treating furniture from pathogens and impurities through their unique dry and chemical-free treatments. The company uses the Kirby® vacuum with special Hypo Allergen High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters and holds Middle East exclusivity to remUVe®, the world’s only medical grade Ultra-Violet mattress sanitizing technology.

If you have recently been suffering from Allergies, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, hay fever, or conjunctivitis i urge you to wait no longer and give The Healthy Home a call as you could be having any of the below living with you:

  • Dust Mites
    Microscopic organisms (0.3 mm) that exist in house dust, close relatives of ticks and spiders The female dust mite produces 30-100 eggs at a time with an average lifecycle of 2-3 months Strive in warm and humid places by feeding on human debris and body fluids Their waste excretions (Dust mites “poop” about 20 times a day) contain proteins that, once inhaled or contact the skin, are a major cause of allergy and asthma.
  • Bacteria / Viruses
    Micro-organisms that can cause infections, fever and other symptoms Some types of viruses have become much more aggressive in the past several decades and are resistant to antibiotics Cot mattresses harbor high levels of naturally acquired bacteria (S.Aureus), which could pose a relatively high risk of infection to the infant’s respiratory tract.
  • Mold/ Fungi
    The human body gets rid of a great deal of water at night. Water is not just absorbed by our bed clothes or sheets, the mattress acts like a sponge and absorbs the moisture Present on both the surface and deep within the mattress where it can’t be seen Produces unpleasant odors Cause of simple allergy symptoms to more severe respiratory issues especially for young children and babies.
  • Bed Bugs
    Small insects that feed on animal or human blood. Their hiding places are typically in mattresses, bed frames, and headboards where it’s easy to access the person or animal lying on the mattress.Mostly active during the night while you are sleeping.



Yes, all of these little nasty things could be living in your home as we speak.. regardless of how well you clean your home, these little matters are usually overlooked since they are microscopic organisms.


Don’t hesitate to contact the team at Healthy Home as soon as you can on 800 SANITIZE, their professionalism and knowledge of home sanitation is phenomenal.
Wishing you all a happy & healthy home sweet home !

For More Information Please Visit The Healthy Home Middle East


Noura G xx

How to Banish those Baby Blues


They say that a new experiences stretches the mind into a new dimension, I believe this to be very true.

Of all the experiences I’ve been through at my young age, I would have to say pregnancy is probably the most incredible experience any woman can go through. Nurturing yourself as your little one grows inch by inch everyday within you is beyond a miracle to me.

Yes, every woman was built for this phenomenal experience but it still is unique to each and every woman. Some women spend 9 months suffering with sickness and others pace through the 9 months as radiant beams of sunshine.. all you can do is pray for a smooth journey  and delivery.

As I’ve been through this experience myself, I can say first-hand that it’s one that requires a lot of mental strength more than anything else. There are many times where you’d want to just give in and give up but the key is to remember a healthy body breeds a healthy baby. People would tell me ‘eat eat eat, eat what you want you’re pregnant’ but unfortunately they are lacking the knowledge since its not about quantity rather the quality of foods.

Since I enjoy eating healthy on a regular basis, this wasn’t so challenging for me.. yet I can understand how it could be for others. Pregnancy is actually the most critical time where it is essential to nourish your body with healthy food in order to ensure your baby is getting quality vitamins and minerals to support his or her growth.. it is not infact an excuse to eat junk.

Another point which I personally found beneficial to my experience was exercise. Being pregnant, you are coping with all kinds of physiological changes as your body is gearing up to make and grow your little angel. These changes include, fatigue, water retention, pressure to organs and joints, release of the hormone Elastin – which supports a pregnant woman’s body in being flexible allowing her skin to stretch. All these matters are almost normal to every pregnant woman.. now logically speaking if a pregnant woman wants to go by her day feeling energetic, relieve water retention, strengthen muscles and joints and allow for a consistent weight gain, it is recommended to exercise. Most pregnant women might fear to do so as they may feel it may harm the baby.. but in fact you would be doing more harm being immobile which would slow down blood flow and also might make you feel down which could then have psychological impact.

Exercise is recommended for a healthy lifestyle; so, is not pregnancy the most important time for a woman to be on top of her health ? .. I believe so. Safe exercising like swimming, aqua aerobics, walking on the beach, Physique 57 and yoga were all part of my regimen through out my pregnancy and I would happily recommend it to every pregnant woman who wants to take care of her health and body during this stressful time.

Determination is the only key you need. There are days where I personally would have rather stayed in bed but then I would think of the lovely energetic instructors at Physique 57 who have kept me motivated and supported me throughout my pregnancy.. their skillful knowledge allowed for me to feel comfortable every step of the way. Just thinking of the wonderful post workout feel and rush of endorphins would keep me going back for more.. high intensity and low impact exercises were my safest bet. Being a personal trainer as well has allowed for my greater awareness in understanding what’s right for my body.. and I would be happy to advise any woman who needs help or assistance during this critical time.

Now here’s for my final personal review.. Be happy. As simple as it may sound as essential it really is. Yes, there are women who get pregnant everyday and probably 80% of them find it a challenge in one way or another.. so the most important thing to remember is the end result. At the end of the day you want a happy and healthy baby.. what will you do to help that happen ? What is in your hands today that can assist in that ? What is it that really matters to you .. the chocolate cake or the dark chocolate filled with antioxidants and healthier properties for you and your baby ? These are all questions women need to ask themselves.. Women need to be more mindful and less emotional when it comes to pressuring times.

This is what helped me.. and I’m happy to say that I am now 4 months post-baby and feel better than ever before having lost more weight than I was before I got pregnant. Yes you can lose weight from breastfeeding and running around caring for your little one and squeezing in a 30 minute workout.. all of which I have done. However the greatest tip I can offer is.. take care of what you can while you can.. don’t wait for the pregnancy to be over to lose the weight. Health after all is a lifestyle and should be reflected in your everyday life.. so remember this mantra and remember that health truly is wealth.

It all starts with a healthy mind, which nourishes a healthy body that can in turn nourish and build a healthy baby..

These are my happy little healthy thoughts.. dedicated to all women whom I hope I can inspire.. pregnancy is a beautiful journey where women shouldn’t shy away from cause they are worried about their bodies.

Take care of your body every day and it will take care of you.

Noura G xx


Why is Fitness So Important ?

I’ve always believed in the importance of living healthy everyday.. I would hear people belittle this value system I have created for my life, “Common, you must have fun and eat junk food” “How can you workout everyday???” and one of my favorites, “What you do can’t be healthy”.. These comments are usually best expressed by those who are either unfit, never worked out or, consume a diet of predominantly junk.

Being a Certified Personal Trainer and a Nutritional Consultant I am faced with all kinds of opinions with regards to health and fitness almost everyday. Some are eager to learn the benefits of which they can apply to their lives, others just like to criticize.

So let me begin explaining why fitness is an important aspect, if not one of the most in everyday life.

What’s the secret to getting a good night’s sleep ?
(Being active throughout the day is proven to exhaust you by night time whereby you can enjoy a well deserved rest, definitely a solution to insomnia).

What’s the key to starting your day early and refreshed ?
(Working out regularly allows you to sleep early benefiting from healthy sleeping habits which in turn allows you to wake up early and refreshed to begin the day ahead).

Are you studying, working or taking care of children ? How do you manage to stay alert and focused throughout the day ?
(It is proven that exercise allows you to feel physically more energetic throughout the day).

You lead a somewhat stressful life, yet how do you manage to stay positive and look so radiant ?
(The secretion of endorphins ‘happy hormone’ allows you to feel great and look good as it is reflected upon you physically as well.. after a great workout how can anything bring you down).

You are a walking ball of positive energy, how do you do it ?
(It’s those lovely endorphins swimming through your system ! )

Your skin is beautiful, you are glowing.. What products do you use ?
(Nature’s remedy, a good workout allows you to release any toxins out of the body when you sweat which gives you that refreshed post-workout glow).

One of my favorites.. Your pregnant ? How ? But you look good ??
(When you workout regularly you can maintain your fitness levels allowing you to continue throughout pregnancy.. just don’t over exert yourself).

How do you get away with eating that piece of chocolate cake ?
(If you are constantly working out, you can afford to cheat once and a while with something that isn’t so healthy yet you crave.. cause tomorrow you’ll burn it all off).

The answer to all of the above is..

Eat clean, Nourish your body, Live an active life, Gift your body with the natural blessing of movement.

Being fit isn’t about looking good, its about feeling good and using your body to its best ability, allowing it to express itself through action and movement.

Human beings are mobile creatures, we aren’t meant to be sedentary.. during the current century and technological era most people are confined to a seat for 8 hours a day, not realizing how this can negatively impact the human physiological system.

As John F.Kennedy once said “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” Being fit and healthy has a 360 degree approach on life in general. The challenge, the exertion, the motivation, the healthy habit all impact your everyday spirit. The chemical secretion of endorphins, known as the ‘happy hormone’ allow you to radiate with positive energy which allows you to make better choices and ultimately lead you towards the road of success.

Success is determined through action, success is variable yet distinct to accomplishment. If you can take care of your health you can take care of anything in life, any obstacle and challenge because you have the dedication to persevere.

For indeed, Health is the greatest asset you can own..
Health is Wealth.

Noura G xx

Harmony at Yoga Ashram

Yoga is definitely one of my favorite practices as it aims to create balance between the union of the mind body & spirit.

Yoga Ashram has recently opened its tranquil doors in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai. Yoga is an ancient practice that has traveled down centuries from the east, teaching and educating people all over the world about the many well-being, lifestyle and spiritual benefits Yoga aims to provide to each practice. An Ashram is a peaceful and tranquil place in which people rest and rejuvenate as well as learn new skills. Through each posture you gain movement and flexibility of your body as you energize your mind and renew your spirit. Practicing Yoga with a dedicated and disciplined mindset can help you discover the transforming power of a quite mind expressing your best most calm self. The aim of Yoga Ashram is to help you find ‘Your Yoga’ guiding you to find inner joy by eliminating stress, getting physically healthy, fit and mentally alert.

The beauty at Yoga Ashram lies in the variety of classes you can choose from, whether you are a beginner or a Yoga advocate you will find a class perfect for you. From Sri Sri Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Desktop Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Moms & Tots Yoga even introducing Pilates and Belly Dancing as additional classes to help you find ways to connect with the union of the mind, body and spirit.

Yoga Ashram is also know to host weekend workshops in order to educate / elaborate on specific yoga techniques. Make sure to visit Yoga Ashram in order to receive the latest updates about upcoming workshops !

Set in a beautiful location overlooking lush gardens and tranquil waters, Yoga Ashram is a place to find peace, harmony and serenity.

What better way to enjoy a Yoga session in tranquil silence of the sky where the city’s hustle and bustle is just too far down to notice.

For More Information Please Visit

Yoga Ashram

Noura G xx

Holiztik Healing through Yoga


Yoga is quite a popular practice that has become widely available today. However there really is more to yoga than simply an hour of a workout.

I am extremely passionate about yoga having been practicing for 9 years, I have come to acquire the knowledge in identifying Yoga for what it really is versus just another workout.
I am pleased to support the few professionals within the industry and would love to share the knowledge with you.

Yoga is a spiritual, physical and mindful practice, these elements are combined together through the power of breath, balance & focus. Yoga consists of ‘Yama’ which are restrictions / rules of behavior in order to enable harmony. ‘Niyama’ consists of rules of behavior which enable balance. ‘Asana’ are the actual postures. ‘Pranayama’ is a yogic technique for rhythmic breathing. ‘Pratyahara’ which is the withdrawal of attention within oneself – remaining centered. ‘Dharana’ is concentration. ‘Dhyana’ is meditation. Ultimately we have ‘ Samadhi’ which is the stage of realization of the essential self.
Without going into to much detail ( attend the upcoming workshop to learn more) I just wanted to give you an idea about the true depths which create Yoga, and how it really is essential to explore all such elements within a Yoga practice.

Yoga is a way of life, once you have been enlightened by the many benefits it brings to you spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically it would be difficult to take a step back.

Being so passionate for what I practice, I was invited to attend a phenomenal ‘Chakra Immersion’ Workshop this past weekend. Holiztik is founded by a lovely couple who have dedicated their lives to giving to others. Living and teaching in Thailand, Elvin and Timothy travel the world to educate and heal the souls of many. Their love for Yoga is expressed through their outstanding workshops which combine a combination of theoretical aspects, practical experiences as well as deep meditation.
I was impressed by the professionalism and passion these two expressed throughout the day, I was enlightened with knowledge I will carry throughout my lifetime.

If you are so passionate about Yoga just like me, or if you are new to the idea of Yoga and keen on exploring.. this workshop is for you !

Elvin & Timothy will be conducting their final workshop for this season this upcoming weekend.. This time they will discuss ‘Self Healing with Yoga’ which will compromise the core Hatha Yoga practice for perfect health.

From a simple flu to more serious health issues like asthma, digestive problems, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, infertility, cardiovascular diseases, or even cancer… Yoga has answers.
Find out these answers this Friday, January 31st & Saturday, February 1st 2014.
Spots are filling up fast.. Book your spot today !

P.S – If you don’t want to worry about transportation, Holiztik has teamed up with Uber to offer rides to their workshops. With the Uber service, you will get picked up in a luxurious car, so you can just relax and stay in the bliss of the yoga weekend.

Click Here to Book your Spot !
Yoga for self-healing flyer20140113-DSCF9061-0220140113-DSCF9182-02
Nature has the best remedies.. Learn to Heal yourself and those you love with Yoga 🙂

Noura G xx

The one, the only.. The Hundred


“Physical Fitness is the first prerequisite of Happiness” – Joseph H Pilates

Pilates is a phenomenal way to increase your overall body awareness, combining techniques to strengthen deep postural muscles such as our Powerhouse – the core. With every Pilates posture, deep concentration is focused on every inhale and exhale in order to ensure every exertion and relaxation is attained correctly. Pilates has the ability to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, as well as improve posture, balance, coordination and ultimately breath.

I have been fortunate to try out different Pilates methods conducted by different instructors.. However The Hundred Pilates Studio was definitely an experience worth mentioning.
Pilates is a very precise concept whereby focal muscles and joints must be targeted correctly in order to ensure a proper technique; to allow for the exercise benefits.

The most common Pilates we read about or know about is only the Mat Pilates Classes.. The Hundred Pilates Studio introduced me to a whole new world..

The Pilates Reformer..


Pilates Pole


The Pilates Chair

In addition to these lovely tools, you have the most versatile and effective of all The Cadillac. This ‘Trapeze Table’ can allow for a series of exercises combining bars, straps, springs or levers.

Now here’s a grand selection of equipment provided by one of Dubai’s expert Pilates Studio.. Each piece of equipment is uniquely designed to target different areas where you can intensify a particular workout routine just by using a different equipment.

If you’re looking for an effective Pilates workout instructed by professionals within the field.. this is the place for you.

If you’re looking for more than a single way to target your muscles.. this is the place for you.

If you’re looking for a long, lean and strong body.. this is the place for you.

The Hundred Pilates Studio has given me more than a hundred reasons as to why Pilates is an exercise that can support any type of work out routine..

Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath & Flow..

For More Information Please Visit

Noura G xx


What’s the Skinny ?


I believe that being healthy is all about a healthy lifestyle.. you can’t get yourself into the body you want, look and feel great by a temporary diet fix. Fitness, health and wellness in general is all about living healthy everyday !

Of course we can allow ourselves to indulge once in a while.. but imagine you could indulge in your favorite chocolate chip cupcake without feeling guilty about it.. Wishful thinking or could it be real ?

Skinny Genie has got the sexy-secret magic formula you’ve been craving for.. where you can finally indulge in your favorite dessert without a yearning worry.
A lifestyle company dedicated to creating wholesome foods through embracing natural, organic ingredients.

Skinny Genie ensures all yummies are freshly baked within a 100% gluten-free environment, using organic ingredients, replacing/ reducing fat with homemade fruit compote, lowering sodium content and eliminating preservatives by ensuring the use of natural ingredients.

Embracing natural sweeteners like Agave syrup and carefully selecting super-foods, in order to ensure you can enjoy a mouthwatering dessert that is also nutritionally beneficial for you.

So here’s the Skinny..

  • Low fat
  • Low sugar
  • Low sodium
  • Low calories
  • 100% gluten free
  • Organic ingredients
  • Yummy super-foods ( Chia seeds, Gogi berries, Blueberries.. )


What happens when you have a genie, some magical ingredients and a little bit of pixie dusted gluten free goodness ?
We get a little bit Skinny and a lot more Dolce 😉

For delivery in the UAE call : 800 SKINNY(754669)
or visit and for more information.

Noura G xx



A Fusion you can’t miss.. Yogalates Bliss


I’ve always been dedicated to the practice of yoga, due to it’s many health & spiritual benefits. In an hour of yoga you can target key muscles, joints, organ functions as well as learn about the discipline of silencing the mind allowing it to focus and remain calm. The combination of bodily postures & mental well-being is completed through a spiritual peacefulness which yoga brings.
Pilates has also always been a favorite, where the focal point of the class is to strengthen your core / spine.. in order to achieve lean beautiful muscles.

Yoga is an ancient Eastern practice that harnesses the power of the mind, body and spirit, with meditating, relaxing and flexibility being the main focus. In practicing Yoga, you move from one pose to another, enhancing strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and mental clarity. Through developing a conscious awareness of the body, mind, breath and life force (prana), Yoga has the ability to be deeply relaxing and health enhancing.

Pilates, on the other hand, was invented by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s as a way to build strength in the postural muscles and prevent injury.  In a Pilates class, strengthening the core is the main objective. Each pose is combined with movements of the limbs, improving spinal flexibility, posture and alignment. Pilates is known globally as a system of muscular skeletal exercises that augment sporting activities, assist in injury rehabilitation and supports those with back problems through re-educating the body’s postural muscles to create a very safe and strong foundation for movement.

Now think about the fusion of these two.. Yogalates Bliss comes in offering a middle ground, combining the best of both worlds by fusing principles of core stability with the foundation of Yoga Therapy. It infuses a meditative aspect that is the core of yoga class but not present in Pilates class, yet concentrates on strengthening the core as in Pilates class. Yogalates, fuses the best of both worlds.. where you can achieve the benefits of a yoga practice as well as the conditioning from a Pilates class in one go !

Beginning your day or ending your day with this restorative and revitalizing practice is definitely something to consider. In a soothing ambiance, on a relaxed rooftop amidst the beautiful Dubai city skyline, you are at a complete state of zen when the steady silent sky is closer to you than the city’s hustle & bustle.

Contact to book your Yogalates session today.

Visit for the latest Yogalates updates.

Yogalates Bliss is infused with Dolce-ness

Noura G xx

Berry Blush Breakfast


Waking up to something that’s sweet, delicious & healthy is always the beginning of a good day ahead.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because that’s when you kick start your metabolism and consume enough calories to keep you going up until your next snack / meal.

I always enjoy a fruitful breakfast & can never get enough of the many benefits of berries.
Berries are a healthy source of vitamins & minerals, including fiber, potassium and vitamin C.

Fiber is essential for a healthy digestive system, blackberries contain the most (7.6grams) of fiber per 1cup serving in comparison to other berries.
Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system and assists in fighting any infectious disease. A substantial amount of Vitamin C is essential daily in order to promote a healthy body. Strawberries contain the most (97.6 milligrams) per 1cup serving.
Berries are a great source of antioxidants, which assist in getting rid of toxins from the body by protecting cells from damage,these actions together help in preventing premature aging, free radical damage and cancerous diseases.
Berries also assist in healthy GI, Glycemic Index is a ranking of carbohydrate containing foods on a scale of 1-100, berries are low in GI. The lower the index the slower the breakdown from carbohydrate to sugar; which results in only minimal changes in sugar level – helps in controlling mood, and keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

Sprinkle berries on yoghurt
Mix berries with your cereal
Toss them into the blender for a refreshing smoothie
With your pancake, oatmeal .. or simply enjoy nibbling on to them with your morning coffee !

A berry-licious start to your day is always a healthy choice to a Berry-beautiful body  🙂
Stay tuned for more Super-food secrets.
Noura G xx


Birds of A Feather.. Get Fit Together !


Fitness is an important aspect of my life, so I like to find new ways to enjoy
getting fit with either my husband or a friend.

Here’s my list of the Top 5 workouts you’d love to try with either a friend or simply
spice up your love life and try something different !

This one is for the adventurous ones who would dare to explore boundaries they
have never even met.. Acro Yoga blends the wisdom of yoga, acrobatics & Thai
Massage to create fun, exploratory and challenging sessions that build trust. A
great workout filled with excitement.
For More Details visit

The weather in Dubai is perfect for outdoorsy activities. Enjoy a casual bike ride
across scenic paths alongside Jumeirah Beach or race down the road and climb dirt paths along the route to Bab Al Shams Resort.. whatever the route may be, forget the gym
and spend some quality time with each other in the fresh air & the sweet sunshine.


Tough times calls for tough measures.. Here’s for some combat fitness that will
definitely keep your heart pumping. KO is a family- run club based in Dubai Marina
& Sheikh Zayed RD. A combination of classes, such as Kickboxing, Boking, Muay Thai
Judo, and Capoiera to choose from. Fight it off together.
Call +971502861673 for more information.

Now you can hit the beach together and surfboard through some waves.
Traditionally a Polynesian past-time for fishing over shallow reefs and transporting between islands. This new craze across the shores of Dubai is defiantly one to try..
Water sports fun, one for laughs certainly one for the abs..
For more information visit

We all love to go for one of those romantic walks in the Park.. Hyde Park is surely one of my favorites. Why not try out something a little more intense like Tabata training. A high-impact workout that will keep you burning calories even after the workout. Compromising certain exercises of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off (rest) for a total of 8 rounds per exercise. (For example, 8 rounds of squats; each one 20 seconds on followed by a 10 second rest then back to 20 seconds on) Try the usual squats, pushups and situps in sequence. While one of you is timekeeping make sure your partner is performing each exercise correctly. And if you want a bonus workout hit the jogging track for a little competitive sprint race.


Safa Park, Jumeirah - Al Wasl Road

Safa Park, Jumeirah – Al Wasl Road

Noura G xx


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