Dolce In The City – Culinary School For A Day

Every month we will be showcasing the trendiest thing to do in this beautiful cosmopolitan city of Dubai. Surrounded by constant innovation and change; Dubai has inspired us as it has done so for many to explore activities that enrich our days & refine our nights.

Every woman should take the time to re invent herself on a regular basis; whether it be by education, travel or simply adopting new experiences.

This month we took our taste buds for an appetizing adventure as we experienced a unique culinary cooking class at Culinary Boutique. Home to gourmet cuisine lovers & culinary enthusiasts, Culinary boutique brings to you a wholesome experience to food. Guests are able to enjoy a scrumptious meal at the beautifully designed homegrown restaurant, or brush up on those cooking skills in the fully equipped cooking class.

The unique cooking experience at Culinary Boutique was lead by Head Chef Julius – A man full of wisdom and inspiration. He cant help but love to share his knowledge with his students as he will generously go into detail about the essence of cooking and all it entails. From handling the knife in the kitchen to expressing the fusion of ingredients, Chef Julius will welcome you into the kitchen with a wholesome approach, appetizing you to want to learn more.

Hosting a Healthy Culinary experience compromised of a 3 course meal – Quinoa edamame & dates salad, Seared salmon with mango salsa and to complete the experience healthy chocolate quinoa bars. Creating each dish was not only fun but educational as Chef Julius keeps a watchful eye to ensure you are cooking like a professional.

Apron on, knife in hand and the greatest mentor beside you .. you surely will enjoy the experience walking out feeling liberated that you are capable of cooking like a professional and creating delicious and beautifully presented meals back home.

There are many places that offer cooking classes however not many that provide so in the manner that Culinary Boutique does. Yes it may take a few hours or so to prepare a 3 course meal and cook it; however the amount of knowledge you will attain whilst being given a personalized approach to cooking is incomparable. Feeling empowered to cook like a true Chef.. now that’s an experience you wont forget, and one you can go home with and actually adopt in your own kitchen.

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