Dreams are unlocked at The Fashion Vault


Dubai is the city of Dolce Dreams..

I feel so blessed to witness the growth and success Dubai has achieved over the years. Living my whole life in this city of wonders, I believe that nothing is impossible. To have been able to observe the transformation Dubai has gone through over the years really does create a strong culture of people who believe in pursuing their dreams. H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoom once said, “We, in the UAE, have no such word as “impossible”; it does not exist in our lexicon. Such a word is used by the lazy and the weak, who fear challenges and progress. When one doubts his potential and capabilities as well as his confidence, he will lose the compass that leads him to success and excellence, thus failing to achieve his goal. I require you, youth, to insist on number one.”
This is what I grew up into.. and this is what I hold in my heart to succeed in making a difference in the world.

The Fashion Vault has just launched it’s boutique in Sunset Mall, embracing local talent in a treasury for Fashionistas.. This is the Dubai I love, a city where all is possible in the support for new talent, new creativity and state-of-the-art implementation.

Head down to Sunset Mall on Jumeirah Beach RD, to embrace the most fashionable pieces in town.

Noura G xx



2 Comments on Dreams are unlocked at The Fashion Vault

  1. Sarah
    December 12, 2013 at 7:56 PM (6 years ago)

    Love itt!! :*

    • Admin
      December 17, 2013 at 11:35 AM (6 years ago)

      Thanks Sarah !


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