Entrepreneurial Women – Jenny Haddad Founder of DB Babies

We are always so inspired by women who lead.. specifically those who lead with purpose & passion.

Dubai has enabled the growth of many entrepreneurs, being a wondrous haven for those who dare to live their dreams.

DB Babies is the region’s Multi-brand one stop mother & baby boutique sourcing only the finest in mother, baby & toddler products from around the world available for purchase in the UAE & Oman.

Jenny Haddad founded DB Babies in 2007 and is Managing Director .. and lets not forget supermama to her 2 precious children.

We are inspired by the birth of Jenny’s concept and the blossoming success she has attained over the years as an influential entrepreneur.

Please take a moment to read through the exclusive interview.

What Inspired you to start off DB Babies ? 

Jenny: I started Db Babies just prior to the birth of my first baby. I was inspired by seeing the generosity people in this region have when it comes to spending on baby gifts and the lack of available options to purchase a quality baby gift online here. In 2007 the internet options here in Dubai were so far behind that of Europe and the west yet everybody here loved convenience so it seemed a natural combination to start an online ordering and delivery service.

What was your mission / goal at the beginning of your journey ?

Jenny: To create something of my own. I had never had my own business before and had worked in a mixture of small companies and huge enterprises. However my main driver was to set up something that I believed was needed here. It was much more driven by the idea of the service than the idea of having potentially a successful business one day.


Could you tell us a bit more about DB Babies? Your unique concept?  

Jenny: Db Babies is a boutique multi-brand retailer of quality products for newborn through to school age children. We combine the personal service of a boutique with the wide product range of a larger baby store, offering a carefully curated list of quality products. We now have 7 boutiques across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat, all in neighbourhood locations for easy access for residents. We also have the website and offer delivery across the region.

What were the main challenges you faced when starting up?  

Jenny: I think as with any small business here, the legalities are quite frightening when you start. It isn’t an easy place to own a small business and even the fact that you are not legally allowed to have a ‘home based’ business here makes the start-up a challenge. I wanted to test my idea before going full-on however after just 6 months I found myself in a meeting with Mercato Mall agreeing to a 1 year lease on a kiosk. It went from there really!

What do you advise young entrepreneurs within the region?  

Jenny: Be positive, be brave and be clever in your choices. Don’t be fooled by big promises, go with your instinct wherever possible. You know more than you think.

What do you think of women in business in the Middle East? How would you encourage more women to go after their dreams?  

Jenny: I think it is the era for amazing businesswomen to shine! Business needs the female voice and their creativity and practical ideas. Women have boundless energy and if channeled in the right way can lead to great things.

What is Jenny’s career background. Did you find that certain experiences may have lead you to where you are today?  

Jenny: I have had a mixture of different roles in my career but am definitely using all of it now. From my customer service experience with Virgin Atlantic to my PA role in London helping with my organization skills to my more recent role in Dubai when I first came here in soft skills training for companies. I use this now when I train my store staff or coach someone in the office to get better results.

Do you think it is important to have a support system?  Who is your greatest support system? 

Jenny: Yes for sure you need a support system, especially when balancing motherhood and working. My support system is all around me, from my nanny to my family to my friends when I need them. My children are my greatest support system as they are there for me unconditionally and patient with me when I am too busy to play.

What are the fundamental aspects that differentiate DB Babies from similar boutiques within the region? 

Jenny: I believe we have led the way in terms of service with quality products. I have always carefully selected the products we sell in store, offering the parents of the UAE the best in class for their little ones. However the products themselves aren’t enough. We have always focused on customer service, appreciating our loyal customers and always putting them first. If we mess up we admit it, if we can reward customers we will. A personal touch, it’s shopping the old fashioned way.

What are your most important business values?

Jenny: For me it’s always been about being open, honest and genuine. It may have made my business growth more steady than others but I have done it with my own core values at the heart of the business. Sure I have toughened up over the years but I have never compromised on integrity.

Entrepreneurial skills – learned or innate?  

Jenny: A bit of both. In business you are always learning, you have to listen to the market, to the customers and stay ahead of the game. However I do believe certain skills are perhaps more inbuilt such as drive and patience and resilience.

How do you stay motivated and motivate your team? 

Jenny: For me humor keeps me motivated and its what I use to try to motivate my team. In the toughest days if you can laugh then everything seems more bearable. Keep things lighthearted. We all spend so much of our life at work, you have to enjoy some of it.

What are 3 things you can’t go a day without?  

Jenny: Tea, family, friends and work! (sadly). Oops that’s 4.

If you could give our readers one token of wisdom given your entrepreneurial experience what would it be? 

Jenny: Work hard but don’t lose perspective. It’s all about balance. And focus from the beginning on what your aim really is. You are allowed to admit if you don’t know where the business is going from the beginning but if you don’t try to establish some goals it will be hard to stay on track and you can just waste time.

So Here’s to all you amazingly ambitious women who want to live your dreams in being entrepreneurs in your own respect..

Keep Dreaming Keep Achieving.. Keep Empowering !

There is room for all of us to be influential in our own unique way.

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