Little Bugs by Little Farasha


As the sun shines in summertime, the flowers continue to blossom in the garden blessing us with beauty, color & life.. So does the Little Farasha fluttering across the blossoms and buds.
As she spreads her wings to dance in the wind she introduces us to a beautiful cute & adorable little collection..
A Little Bugs Collection.

Little Farasha – meaning Little Butterfly translated from Arabic is comprised of a collection of hand-crafted Middle Eastern inspired accessories for trendy babies and glamorous yet modest mothers. Little Farasha continues to bring us cheery designs and jovial collections.. as she brings to life Little Bugs.

The Little Bugs Collection is a newly launched line of clothing for your trendy little ones. From babies and up including mommy and me styles.. Little Bugs is the most adorable collection embracing all our delightful and familiar little friends in the garden.

Let us congratulate Little Farasha as she embraces culture and creativity through her unique designs.
Breezy little bees, spirited little snails, dreamy little dragonflies.. your little ones will be the cutest Little Bugs.

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Little Farasha

Noura G xx


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