March Marche Avec Chanel


Karl Lagerfeld creatively embraced a fashionable cart-pushing delight around the world with a phenomenal performance for Chanel’s Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear 14/15 Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week.

The exclusive Chanel Shopping Center is this season’s most excitingly talked about fashion extravaganza. The Grand Palais in Paris was transformed into a luxury supermarket as isles of Chanel goods were stocked from Chanel branded biscuits, eggs, poultry, cleaning materials.. Chanel Tea included The Little Black Tea and Jasmin Dragon Pearls. Paint colors were numbered and named accordingly : 1903 Bleu Confection, 1914 Gris Jersey, 1954 Jaune Etienne.. From Choco Chanel to Coco Pops we loved how the marche was one we can relate to. Camellias were selectively embellished within the designs. Basically, Karl did make sure the supermarket was well equipped with all essentials and a little more Chanel luxe !

The Runway took the audience through a Chanel Shopping spree as models showcased the collection in a fun-frenzy yet chic manner.
Chanel Crop-tops, waisted chain-belts, sneaker boots and rag tweeds were the highlight of the show.

Karl has brought reality to the runway this season as he takes the modern day woman through an ordinary everyday life activity, the Chanel way. “After the art show, I said, ‘What can we do worse, something [more about] today?’ The supermarket is a thing of today’s life. Even the woman who wears expensive clothing goes to the supermarket, but she shouldn’t go in stilettos.”

Created solely for this occasion has got the world enticed to the idea of an actual Chanel supermarket.
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