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I love to surround myself with beauty in all ways, I love fashion, living a beautiful healthy life, nature is the ultimate beauty that surrounds us, music is beauty expressed in such a jovial manner. Architecture is another realm of it’s own..

Living in Dubai you can’t help but acknowledge the architecture that surrounds us.. High rise buildings, icon buildings, residential communities, indoor ski slope, the biggest mall in the world, the only man-made Island in the world (The Palm).. I could go on but I think you have an idea already.

Simply, we must appreciate the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis.. Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is Architecture – It is a matter of proportions” As we experience fashion in the sense of it’s unique style and detail of silhouette , we must appreciate architecture for it’s uniqueness in design and materials used.

Living in the 21st century we have become more aware than ever about the effects of global warming on our world, we must take action everyday to improve our ecosystem.

NGS Architects is a Dubai-based architectural practice founded by Nabil Sherif, a company built on, Design excellence, creativity, responsibility and sustainability.. and now has recently introduced NGS Materials into the UAE Market.

NGS Materials offers consumers, designers and architects an organic approach to designing spaces with its range of reclaimed materials. No two items are the same which provides an individuality and character to designs.

NGS Materials includes sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood for flooring, beams and walls; reclaimed bricks, which can be used for architectural exteriors as well as urban and organic interiors; reclaimed metal, reclaimed stone as well as variety of landscape pavers.

The company has already completed a number of projects including Touchline (Abu Dhabi- Twofour54), Fred Perry (Dubai Mall- Level Shoe District), Cotton On (Worldwide and Deira City Centre) as well as St. Tropez Bistro in Mall of the Emirates (pictured).

Design you home, office or retail concept with an environmental-friendly approach.

Stay Sustainable 🙂

P.S St.Tropez Bistro has quite a delicious selection of a la carte brasserie. Definitely a taste of France in Dubai.

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Noura G xx

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