Laissez-Faire Kinda Hair

We all want perfect hair, all day, everyday. You can either rely on regular visits to your hairdresser for that or find the perfect home-care strategy. Keratin treatments have become the topic of discussion amongst most women these days, this essential protein is key to lovely luscious hair. Living in Dubai and dealing with hot […]


Benefit Cosmetics has always been one of my favorite beauty brands, as they always find a fun and feminine way to create fabulous make up products. Originating from San Francisco, Benefit’s Cosmetic range consists of the perfect combination of beauty products for the cute and dreamy little miss in you. Flawless makeup calls for flawless […]

Fatale Black with Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur has been the world’s leading luxury lingerie brand. This opulent British brand was founded in 1994 by Joseph Corre and Serena Rees. The company has now grown to 30 stories in 13 countries. Agent Provocateur prides itself for femininity and charm. The brand has created a successful fragrance portfolio which began more than […]

Why is Fitness So Important ?

I’ve always believed in the importance of living healthy everyday.. I would hear people belittle this value system I have created for my life, “Common, you must have fun and eat junk food” “How can you workout everyday???” and one of my favorites, “What you do can’t be healthy”.. These comments are usually best expressed […]

Harmony at Yoga Ashram

Yoga is definitely one of my favorite practices as it aims to create balance between the union of the mind body & spirit. Yoga Ashram has recently opened its tranquil doors in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai. Yoga is an ancient practice that has traveled down centuries from the east, teaching and educating people all over […]

March Marche Avec Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld creatively embraced a fashionable cart-pushing delight around the world with a phenomenal performance for Chanel’s Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear 14/15 Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week. The exclusive Chanel Shopping Center is this season’s most excitingly talked about fashion extravaganza. The Grand Palais in Paris was transformed into a luxury supermarket as isles of Chanel […]

Beautiful Skin Avec L’Occitane

Every woman I know wants to have beautiful supple and soft skin.. she wants to look youthful, she wants to look radiant. She wants to have firm skin wrinkle and worry- free. When it comes to beautiful skin, you really must nourish your body from the inside first before you touch upon your outer appearance. […]

I’d like a Jarful of Joy please !

Best things come in small packages, good things come in small packages.. it’s all to do with the tasteful quality and the scrumptious simplicity. Ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy your favorite piece of red velvet or cookie dough cake.. but really have the chance to savor every single bite ! Where […]

California Dreaming with Banana Republic

Banana Republic is a Clothing & Accessories retailer owned by American Multinational corporation The Gap Inc. It was founded in 1978 by Mel & Patricia Ziegler with a safari theme; in 1983 Gap purchased the company and gave it more of an upscale image. Although San Francisco is home to Banana Republic, the Spring 2014 […]

NGS Architects Invites you to Sustainablity

I love to surround myself with beauty in all ways, I love fashion, living a beautiful healthy life, nature is the ultimate beauty that surrounds us, music is beauty expressed in such a jovial manner. Architecture is another realm of it’s own.. Living in Dubai you can’t help but acknowledge the architecture that surrounds us.. […]

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