Dreams are unlocked at The Fashion Vault

Dubai is the city of Dolce Dreams.. I feel so blessed to witness the growth and success Dubai has achieved over the years. Living my whole life in this city of wonders, I believe that nothing is impossible. To have been able to observe the transformation Dubai has gone through over the years really does […]

Molto Moschino

Italian designer Franco Moschino is known for his eccentric, colorful and marvelous designs. Created in 1983, Moschino is one of Italy’s most successful fashion houses today. I was pleased to be invited to a private VIP preview of the Spring/Summer’14 collection.The event was celebrated in the heart of DIFC through an artistic expression of the […]

Berry Blush Breakfast

Waking up to something that’s sweet, delicious & healthy is always the beginning of a good day ahead. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because that’s when you kick start your metabolism and consume enough calories to keep you going up until your next snack / meal. I always enjoy a fruitful […]

Birds of A Feather.. Get Fit Together !

Fitness is an important aspect of my life, so I like to find new ways to enjoy getting fit with either my husband or a friend. Here’s my list of the Top 5 workouts you’d love to try with either a friend or simply spice up your love life and try something different ! 1) […]


I am one who is charmed by the evolution of Fashion & how it never ceases to flower and develop in more ways than one. Mahani Dubai is elegantly nestled within the Emirates Towers Boulevard, this is one of Dubai’s most creative boutique concepts; combining a carefully curated selection of Fashion, Food, Art & Magazines. […]

The Return of Chanel

Chanel has always inspired us with creative designs which remain classical overtime. The beauty of Karl Lagerfeld’s imagination roots from his admiration for simplicity and elegance, “We need houses as we need clothes, architecture stimulates fashion. It’s like hunger and thirst — you need them both.” Karl describes the mastery of Fashion as is the […]

Sizzling Sauna Secrets

We all love to feel beautiful & look beautiful.. Although I prefer natural remedies and holistic approaches rather than your next shop stop at the plastic surgeon. Beauty is beyond the surface.. but there are things we can do that can benefit our health and overall look. As the months get cooler during winter, sometimes […]


Beauty really does root down to how we feel on the inside.. One of those bare-necessities. I am definitely one to try out the latest fitness challenge or simply a new workout concept that seems intriguing. New York based Physique 57 has recently opened it’s first boutique in Dubai.. owning a great passion for Pilates, […]

A Winter Muse in these Navy Blues

Its a Sapphire kind of season this winter, deep sea, ocean marine blues is your choice of color to ponder on. This Royal azure is a classic shade of blue which can be glamorously fused with your choice of winter white or smokey black hues. If your looking to sparkle the night away.. dare to […]

La Dolce Vita

Welcome to the Diamond life in a Dolce kind of world… Dolce Diamante Dolce is a blog combining Fashion, Beauty, Health & Lifestyle inspirations for the chic woman. Liberating lingerie, chocolate cup-caked indulgence, rose scented tenderness, fabulous in elegance.. A woman is powerful yet delicate, discover your inner beauty & explore a dazzling world of […]

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