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Benefit Cosmetics has always been one of my favorite beauty brands, as they always find a fun and feminine way to create fabulous make up products.

Originating from San Francisco, Benefit’s Cosmetic range consists of the perfect combination of beauty products for the cute and dreamy little miss in you. Flawless makeup calls for flawless skin.. And Benefit has the fanciful answer to all your bella beauty needs.

New to it’s whimsical product range is the ROLLER LASH.. This Mascara is definitely the season’s must-have goodie. Super- curling and lifting, the unique ‘Hook’N’Roll’ brush is designed to brush through, lengthen and lift those dreamy curly lashes.

Power up those lashes with this unique formula designed to Mesmerize Dazzle Swirl Twirl & Curl

** In Sephora stores across UAE from April 1st 2015, get yours while stocks last ! **

Noura G xx


Fatale Black with Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur has been the world’s leading luxury lingerie brand. This opulent British brand was founded in 1994 by Joseph Corre and Serena Rees. The company has now grown to 30 stories in 13 countries.

Agent Provocateur prides itself for femininity and charm. The brand has created a successful fragrance portfolio which began more than a decade ago flaunting the marriage between scent & seduction.

It’s latest creation Fatale Black was inspired by the 1940’s femme fatale, mysterious and seductive. She is carefree but never loses her composure. She is sensual and elegant owning a tasteful appreciation for a luscious lifestyle.

A teasingly enigmatic scent with an irresistible signature personality, Fatale Black is outrageously bold. It’s enticing top note is a majestic blend of spicy Pink Pepper from Madagascar, juxtaposed with succulent Mango and exotic Blackcurrant for an indescribably mysterious opening sensation that scintillates the senses.

The voluptuous floral heart seduces with uber-feminine, heavenly Gardenia, edged with elegant, woody, violet-scented Orris Absolute, and sweet yet dark and sophisticated, smoky touches of Indonesian Patchouli. An addictive base of sultry, sensual Skin Musk, creamy Vanilla Orchid, irresistible Chocolate Gourmand and leathery Spanish Labdanum deliver long-lasting power, depth and aphrodisiac qualities to complete the seduction.

It’s fatal attraction with Fatale Black.

Noura G xx

Fatale Black is sold at Agent Provocateur Dubai Mall
100ml Eau de Parfum AED 465

For More Information Please Visit
Agent Provocateur

Beautiful Skin Avec L’Occitane

Almond Flower Tree

Almond Flower Tree

Every woman I know wants to have beautiful supple and soft skin.. she wants to look youthful, she wants to look radiant. She wants to have firm skin wrinkle and worry- free.
When it comes to beautiful skin, you really must nourish your body from the inside first before you touch upon your outer appearance.
Fortunately, we are blessed to have a selection of products to choose from that can nurture and support our skin.

L’Occitane en Provence has always been a brand I trust.. being a nature girl at heart I am quite attracted to products that use natural ingredients. Founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan with a purpose in preserving the traditions of his native Provence, in France. The name is defined as  ‘The Occitan woman of Provence’ now a world-wide retailer owning body, face and home products.

If you are familiar with L’Occitane’s product range you will be pleased to know that the Almond Collection & the Brightening Immortelle Collection are relaunching with a new improved formula. If you aren’t familiar with these products here’s a little insight on my favorite must have products.

Amande Milk Concentrate
I absolutely love Almond Oil because of its multiple benefits, it nourishes, softens dry skin, helps prevent stretch marks and decreases the appearance of cellulite ( every woman’s dream come true). L’Occitane has created a unique formula that helps protect skin elasticity, tighten & smooth, while stimulating cell renewal. Once you start using this light, creamy and silky milk concentrate you’ll notice instant results.. Your skin will feel satiny-smooth without leaving any greasy residue, leaving you feeling femininely- fresh with a beautiful mouthwatering scent of fresh almonds.
The perfect moisturizer !

Almond Firming - Milk Concentrate 259 AED

Almond Firming – Milk Concentrate 259 AED

**Redefine your curves with the whole product range:

Supple Skin Oil

Almond Supple Skin Oil 220 AED

Almond Supple Skin Oil 220 AED

Tonic Body Oil

Almond Tonic Body Oil 225 AED

Almond Tonic Body Oil 225 AED


Shaping Delight

Almond Shaping Delight 259 AED

Almond Shaping Delight 259 AED


Every woman wants to remain young and radiant.. I certainly do !
Anti-aging care really begins at the age of 25.. prevention is better than cure. So in order to avoid future visits to the plastic surgeon we as women must take vital care of our skin whilst we are younger. L’Occitane’s Brightening Immortelle Collection is one i certainly love to use and recommend.

So how can you naturally radiate youth and vitality ?
The 2014 Brightening Imortelle ritual includes new skincare products which help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, even out skin tone and illuminate the complexion.
Two beautiful flowers of light are the main ingredients dedicated to youthful skin.

  • Organic Immortelle essential oil from Corsica with patented effectiveness helps to smooth lines & wrinkled as well as firm the skin.
  • Bellis Perennis whose flower yields a brightening extract, gives the skin a texture that glows with youth.

My 2 favorite products of the collection include:

  1. Brightening Essence
    Applied in the morning / evening helps to reduce the appearance of black spots, evens out skin tone and leaves your skin feeling oh so smooth ! .. not to forget smelling lovely too 🙂

    Immortelle Brightening Essence 325 AED

    Immortelle Brightening Essence 325 AED

  2. Eye care & Mask Duo Brightening Correction
    I like to apply this around my eyes as it reduces any puffiness / dark circles. Whether you had a late night or simply fatigued this certainly leaves you looking radiant and vibrant.

    Immortelle Brightening Eye Care & Mask DUO 89 AED

    Immortelle Brightening Eye Care & Mask DUO 89 AED

    Natural methods are always ones to trust, especially if you have sensitive skin.. L’Occitane has been a French leader in quality natural ingredients. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and look in the mirror feeling youthful & radiant.

    Spoil yourself with what you deserve most.. Nourish yourself with what your body will love you for.

    For More Information Visit L’Occitane En Provence

    Noura G xx




NGS Architects Invites you to Sustainablity


I love to surround myself with beauty in all ways, I love fashion, living a beautiful healthy life, nature is the ultimate beauty that surrounds us, music is beauty expressed in such a jovial manner. Architecture is another realm of it’s own..

Living in Dubai you can’t help but acknowledge the architecture that surrounds us.. High rise buildings, icon buildings, residential communities, indoor ski slope, the biggest mall in the world, the only man-made Island in the world (The Palm).. I could go on but I think you have an idea already.

Simply, we must appreciate the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis.. Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is Architecture – It is a matter of proportions” As we experience fashion in the sense of it’s unique style and detail of silhouette , we must appreciate architecture for it’s uniqueness in design and materials used.

Living in the 21st century we have become more aware than ever about the effects of global warming on our world, we must take action everyday to improve our ecosystem.

NGS Architects is a Dubai-based architectural practice founded by Nabil Sherif, a company built on, Design excellence, creativity, responsibility and sustainability.. and now has recently introduced NGS Materials into the UAE Market.

NGS Materials offers consumers, designers and architects an organic approach to designing spaces with its range of reclaimed materials. No two items are the same which provides an individuality and character to designs.

NGS Materials includes sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood for flooring, beams and walls; reclaimed bricks, which can be used for architectural exteriors as well as urban and organic interiors; reclaimed metal, reclaimed stone as well as variety of landscape pavers.

The company has already completed a number of projects including Touchline (Abu Dhabi- Twofour54), Fred Perry (Dubai Mall- Level Shoe District), Cotton On (Worldwide and Deira City Centre) as well as St. Tropez Bistro in Mall of the Emirates (pictured).

Design you home, office or retail concept with an environmental-friendly approach.

Stay Sustainable 🙂

P.S St.Tropez Bistro has quite a delicious selection of a la carte brasserie. Definitely a taste of France in Dubai.

For More Information Please Visit

NGS Materials 

or Please Email

St Tropez_3St Tropez_1

Noura G xx

Sizzling Sauna Secrets

Строительство русской баниWe all love to feel beautiful & look beautiful..
Although I prefer natural remedies and holistic approaches rather than your next shop stop at the plastic surgeon.

Beauty is beyond the surface.. but there are things we can do that can benefit our health and overall look.

As the months get cooler during winter, sometimes its nice to warm up by a fire sipping on some hot chocolate.. or in my case I’d rather simmer in the sauna.

Did you know that baking in the Sauna helps you lose wrinkles.. Here’s why.

The heat in the Sauna allows for muscle tension to be released and assists in releasing any toxins from the body. As the steam from the Sauna penetrates your skin, it helps plump up wrinkles which can ultimately reduce their appearances.

As the Sauna improves blood circulation, it allows for the blood to flow equally around your body, this boost in circulation is evident when you look flushed and blushed as you step out of the Sauna. By deeply cleansing your pores and rejuvenating your skin, when you sweat you will be releasing any toxins or impurities.

Sizzling up in this woody frenzy will allow for a better reproduction of collagen (Collagen is the second most common substance found in the human body after water, its protein structure supports and enhances strong connective tissues) and stimulation of the endocrine glands.

* Stay Hydrated !
You can lose large amounts of water during your Sauna session, make sure you stay hydrated in order to avoid fatigue.

* Be Safe !
If you are suffering from any health ailment, please consult your physician before going for a Sauna session. Not recommended for young children, pregnant woman, those suffering from diabetes, low blood pressure or cardiac problems.

Now here’s for a bonus secret.. In one session you can burn up to 300 calories.
So, what’s your excuse ?
Feel good & look good in minutes ( No Botox needed )

Noura x