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March Marche Avec Chanel


Karl Lagerfeld creatively embraced a fashionable cart-pushing delight around the world with a phenomenal performance for Chanel’s Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear 14/15 Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week.

The exclusive Chanel Shopping Center is this season’s most excitingly talked about fashion extravaganza. The Grand Palais in Paris was transformed into a luxury supermarket as isles of Chanel goods were stocked from Chanel branded biscuits, eggs, poultry, cleaning materials.. Chanel Tea included The Little Black Tea and Jasmin Dragon Pearls. Paint colors were numbered and named accordingly : 1903 Bleu Confection, 1914 Gris Jersey, 1954 Jaune Etienne.. From Choco Chanel to Coco Pops we loved how the marche was one we can relate to. Camellias were selectively embellished within the designs. Basically, Karl did make sure the supermarket was well equipped with all essentials and a little more Chanel luxe !

The Runway took the audience through a Chanel Shopping spree as models showcased the collection in a fun-frenzy yet chic manner.
Chanel Crop-tops, waisted chain-belts, sneaker boots and rag tweeds were the highlight of the show.

Karl has brought reality to the runway this season as he takes the modern day woman through an ordinary everyday life activity, the Chanel way. “After the art show, I said, ‘What can we do worse, something [more about] today?’ The supermarket is a thing of today’s life. Even the woman who wears expensive clothing goes to the supermarket, but she shouldn’t go in stilettos.”

Created solely for this occasion has got the world enticed to the idea of an actual Chanel supermarket.
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An Afternoon Avec Angelina

The ultimate symbol of French ‘Art de Vivre’ , quintessential Angelina has graced the grounds of Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue with it’s melange of elegance and luxury.

The Angelina Tearoom boutique was first open in Paris on Rue de Rivoli in 1903, welcoming it’s crème de la crème clientele for more than a century. Becoming the most sought-after destinations for Parisian aristocracy, Celebrities such as French writer Proust, Coco Chanel (who always sat at the same table) and the greatest French fashion designers have crossed paths in the chic tearoom’s well-appointed salons.

Angelina’s new destination embraces the legacy of centuries-old know-how passed down from generation to generation as one of French pastry-making’s best-kept secrets. Today, the Angelina Tearoom endeavors to perpetuate tradition through, most notably, its signature decadents: the Mont Blanc Pastry and Angelina’s Hot Chocolate.

Indulge with a carte blanche at Angelina and savor within an a la mode ambiance married with panache selections of main course dishes, delicious desserts, signature hot beverages.. Or simply gift a loved one with a taste of Paris.

Excusez-Moi while I delight in some Joie de Vivre 🙂

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The Return of Chanel


Chanel has always inspired us with creative designs which remain classical overtime.

The beauty of Karl Lagerfeld’s imagination roots from his admiration for simplicity and elegance, “We need houses as we need clothes, architecture stimulates fashion. It’s like hunger and thirst — you need them both.”

Karl describes the mastery of Fashion as is the craftsmanship of Architecture, both of which belong to a bigger dimension encompassing creativity – ultimately art.

Chanel dedicates one of it’s 6 Fashion Shows a year to cultural art from inspirations all over the world, named ‘Métiers d’Art’ translated from French as Artistic crafts.

Gabrielle Coco Chanel, French designer & founder of Chanel believed in the importance of redefining the image of a woman within society. Creating attire in order to liberate women, today Chanel has become a world-renowned legacy.
Her passion & drive lives endlessly through her brand by draping the chic woman in an elegant yet simple persona through her choice of wardrobe.

Chanel is more than a Fashion brand, today we see Chanel involved in art exhibitions all over the world. A luxury designer, Karl Lagerfeld has enabled the brand to glorify into boundaries Coco would have appreciated being apart of.

The United States plays a major role in the return of Chanel in Paris,1954. The upcoming Paris-Dallas Métiers d’Art show is in acknowledgment of the United States aiding Chanel’s comeback which has allowed the brand to become whats it is today.

A short film will be showcased at the beginning of the show in Dallas, Texas on December 10th 2013 6.30pm local time. The Screening & the fashion show will take place in Dallas Fair Park, a historical exhibition venue married with art deco architecture.

“Fashion is architecture, it’s a matter of proportions” – Coco Chanel

Chanel combines classical luxury with modern creativity as it reinvents itself with innovative ideas.

Stay tuned for more on Chanel,
Meanwhile enjoy this teaser below to the short film “The Return”

Click Here for Video – CHANEL ‘The Return’ 2013

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