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Yummy Yogurtland


Yummy, Guilt-free, delicious, healthy, gluten-free, non-fat, real flavors, vitamin C fortified…
I could go on but I’d rather you indulge in such a mouthwatering dessert without any worry.

The LA froyo shop to the stars YOGURTLAND just landed in Dubai, located by the Aquarium in Dubai Mall.

Everyone from Kim K to Victoria Beckham has been spotted filling their frozen yogurt boots at Yogurtland, and now you can too!

With 12 yogurt flavors and 50 fruit & premium toppings, create your own delicious frozen treat and top it off your way!


Noura G xx


An Afternoon Avec Angelina

The ultimate symbol of French ‘Art de Vivre’ , quintessential Angelina has graced the grounds of Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue with it’s melange of elegance and luxury.

The Angelina Tearoom boutique was first open in Paris on Rue de Rivoli in 1903, welcoming it’s crème de la crème clientele for more than a century. Becoming the most sought-after destinations for Parisian aristocracy, Celebrities such as French writer Proust, Coco Chanel (who always sat at the same table) and the greatest French fashion designers have crossed paths in the chic tearoom’s well-appointed salons.

Angelina’s new destination embraces the legacy of centuries-old know-how passed down from generation to generation as one of French pastry-making’s best-kept secrets. Today, the Angelina Tearoom endeavors to perpetuate tradition through, most notably, its signature decadents: the Mont Blanc Pastry and Angelina’s Hot Chocolate.

Indulge with a carte blanche at Angelina and savor within an a la mode ambiance married with panache selections of main course dishes, delicious desserts, signature hot beverages.. Or simply gift a loved one with a taste of Paris.

Excusez-Moi while I delight in some Joie de Vivre 🙂

For More Information Please Visit
Angelina Tearoom or
Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue – Ground Floor

Noura G xx