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Why is Fitness So Important ?

I’ve always believed in the importance of living healthy everyday.. I would hear people belittle this value system I have created for my life, “Common, you must have fun and eat junk food” “How can you workout everyday???” and one of my favorites, “What you do can’t be healthy”.. These comments are usually best expressed by those who are either unfit, never worked out or, consume a diet of predominantly junk.

Being a Certified Personal Trainer and a Nutritional Consultant I am faced with all kinds of opinions with regards to health and fitness almost everyday. Some are eager to learn the benefits of which they can apply to their lives, others just like to criticize.

So let me begin explaining why fitness is an important aspect, if not one of the most in everyday life.

What’s the secret to getting a good night’s sleep ?
(Being active throughout the day is proven to exhaust you by night time whereby you can enjoy a well deserved rest, definitely a solution to insomnia).

What’s the key to starting your day early and refreshed ?
(Working out regularly allows you to sleep early benefiting from healthy sleeping habits which in turn allows you to wake up early and refreshed to begin the day ahead).

Are you studying, working or taking care of children ? How do you manage to stay alert and focused throughout the day ?
(It is proven that exercise allows you to feel physically more energetic throughout the day).

You lead a somewhat stressful life, yet how do you manage to stay positive and look so radiant ?
(The secretion of endorphins ‘happy hormone’ allows you to feel great and look good as it is reflected upon you physically as well.. after a great workout how can anything bring you down).

You are a walking ball of positive energy, how do you do it ?
(It’s those lovely endorphins swimming through your system ! )

Your skin is beautiful, you are glowing.. What products do you use ?
(Nature’s remedy, a good workout allows you to release any toxins out of the body when you sweat which gives you that refreshed post-workout glow).

One of my favorites.. Your pregnant ? How ? But you look good ??
(When you workout regularly you can maintain your fitness levels allowing you to continue throughout pregnancy.. just don’t over exert yourself).

How do you get away with eating that piece of chocolate cake ?
(If you are constantly working out, you can afford to cheat once and a while with something that isn’t so healthy yet you crave.. cause tomorrow you’ll burn it all off).

The answer to all of the above is..

Eat clean, Nourish your body, Live an active life, Gift your body with the natural blessing of movement.

Being fit isn’t about looking good, its about feeling good and using your body to its best ability, allowing it to express itself through action and movement.

Human beings are mobile creatures, we aren’t meant to be sedentary.. during the current century and technological era most people are confined to a seat for 8 hours a day, not realizing how this can negatively impact the human physiological system.

As John F.Kennedy once said “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” Being fit and healthy has a 360 degree approach on life in general. The challenge, the exertion, the motivation, the healthy habit all impact your everyday spirit. The chemical secretion of endorphins, known as the ‘happy hormone’ allow you to radiate with positive energy which allows you to make better choices and ultimately lead you towards the road of success.

Success is determined through action, success is variable yet distinct to accomplishment. If you can take care of your health you can take care of anything in life, any obstacle and challenge because you have the dedication to persevere.

For indeed, Health is the greatest asset you can own..
Health is Wealth.

Noura G xx

The one, the only.. The Hundred


“Physical Fitness is the first prerequisite of Happiness” – Joseph H Pilates

Pilates is a phenomenal way to increase your overall body awareness, combining techniques to strengthen deep postural muscles such as our Powerhouse – the core. With every Pilates posture, deep concentration is focused on every inhale and exhale in order to ensure every exertion and relaxation is attained correctly. Pilates has the ability to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, as well as improve posture, balance, coordination and ultimately breath.

I have been fortunate to try out different Pilates methods conducted by different instructors.. However The Hundred Pilates Studio was definitely an experience worth mentioning.
Pilates is a very precise concept whereby focal muscles and joints must be targeted correctly in order to ensure a proper technique; to allow for the exercise benefits.

The most common Pilates we read about or know about is only the Mat Pilates Classes.. The Hundred Pilates Studio introduced me to a whole new world..

The Pilates Reformer..


Pilates Pole


The Pilates Chair

In addition to these lovely tools, you have the most versatile and effective of all The Cadillac. This ‘Trapeze Table’ can allow for a series of exercises combining bars, straps, springs or levers.

Now here’s a grand selection of equipment provided by one of Dubai’s expert Pilates Studio.. Each piece of equipment is uniquely designed to target different areas where you can intensify a particular workout routine just by using a different equipment.

If you’re looking for an effective Pilates workout instructed by professionals within the field.. this is the place for you.

If you’re looking for more than a single way to target your muscles.. this is the place for you.

If you’re looking for a long, lean and strong body.. this is the place for you.

The Hundred Pilates Studio has given me more than a hundred reasons as to why Pilates is an exercise that can support any type of work out routine..

Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath & Flow..

For More Information Please Visit

Noura G xx


Berry Blush Breakfast


Waking up to something that’s sweet, delicious & healthy is always the beginning of a good day ahead.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because that’s when you kick start your metabolism and consume enough calories to keep you going up until your next snack / meal.

I always enjoy a fruitful breakfast & can never get enough of the many benefits of berries.
Berries are a healthy source of vitamins & minerals, including fiber, potassium and vitamin C.

Fiber is essential for a healthy digestive system, blackberries contain the most (7.6grams) of fiber per 1cup serving in comparison to other berries.
Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system and assists in fighting any infectious disease. A substantial amount of Vitamin C is essential daily in order to promote a healthy body. Strawberries contain the most (97.6 milligrams) per 1cup serving.
Berries are a great source of antioxidants, which assist in getting rid of toxins from the body by protecting cells from damage,these actions together help in preventing premature aging, free radical damage and cancerous diseases.
Berries also assist in healthy GI, Glycemic Index is a ranking of carbohydrate containing foods on a scale of 1-100, berries are low in GI. The lower the index the slower the breakdown from carbohydrate to sugar; which results in only minimal changes in sugar level – helps in controlling mood, and keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

Sprinkle berries on yoghurt
Mix berries with your cereal
Toss them into the blender for a refreshing smoothie
With your pancake, oatmeal .. or simply enjoy nibbling on to them with your morning coffee !

A berry-licious start to your day is always a healthy choice to a Berry-beautiful body  🙂
Stay tuned for more Super-food secrets.
Noura G xx


Birds of A Feather.. Get Fit Together !


Fitness is an important aspect of my life, so I like to find new ways to enjoy
getting fit with either my husband or a friend.

Here’s my list of the Top 5 workouts you’d love to try with either a friend or simply
spice up your love life and try something different !

This one is for the adventurous ones who would dare to explore boundaries they
have never even met.. Acro Yoga blends the wisdom of yoga, acrobatics & Thai
Massage to create fun, exploratory and challenging sessions that build trust. A
great workout filled with excitement.
For More Details visit

The weather in Dubai is perfect for outdoorsy activities. Enjoy a casual bike ride
across scenic paths alongside Jumeirah Beach or race down the road and climb dirt paths along the route to Bab Al Shams Resort.. whatever the route may be, forget the gym
and spend some quality time with each other in the fresh air & the sweet sunshine.


Tough times calls for tough measures.. Here’s for some combat fitness that will
definitely keep your heart pumping. KO is a family- run club based in Dubai Marina
& Sheikh Zayed RD. A combination of classes, such as Kickboxing, Boking, Muay Thai
Judo, and Capoiera to choose from. Fight it off together.
Call +971502861673 for more information.

Now you can hit the beach together and surfboard through some waves.
Traditionally a Polynesian past-time for fishing over shallow reefs and transporting between islands. This new craze across the shores of Dubai is defiantly one to try..
Water sports fun, one for laughs certainly one for the abs..
For more information visit

We all love to go for one of those romantic walks in the Park.. Hyde Park is surely one of my favorites. Why not try out something a little more intense like Tabata training. A high-impact workout that will keep you burning calories even after the workout. Compromising certain exercises of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off (rest) for a total of 8 rounds per exercise. (For example, 8 rounds of squats; each one 20 seconds on followed by a 10 second rest then back to 20 seconds on) Try the usual squats, pushups and situps in sequence. While one of you is timekeeping make sure your partner is performing each exercise correctly. And if you want a bonus workout hit the jogging track for a little competitive sprint race.


Safa Park, Jumeirah - Al Wasl Road

Safa Park, Jumeirah – Al Wasl Road

Noura G xx




Beauty really does root down to how we feel on the inside.. One of those bare-necessities.

I am definitely one to try out the latest fitness challenge or simply a new workout concept that seems intriguing.

New York based Physique 57 has recently opened it’s first boutique in Dubai.. owning a great passion for Pilates, yoga, dance and ballet I had to give this workout a try.

Each class combines isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches to systematically lengthen and sculpt your muscles to assist in creating a beautiful, lean body. Quite similar to interval training, but far more effective I would say.

Throughout the class you will break through boundaries, as these dynamic exercises target each muscle to the point of fatigue.. I’m sure you’ll learn about muscles you probably never knew you had !

With a great playlist to move to and dedicated instructors to guide you.. you will certainly feel invigorated and energetic as you walk out of class rosy-refreshed.

If you’re looking for a new challenge that will keep you on your toes.. literally, give this barre-beautiful workout a go !

For more information visit: or

Noura x