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California Dreaming with Banana Republic

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Banana Republic is a Clothing & Accessories retailer owned by American Multinational corporation The Gap Inc. It was founded in 1978 by Mel & Patricia Ziegler with a safari theme; in 1983 Gap purchased the company and gave it more of an upscale image.

Although San Francisco is home to Banana Republic, the Spring 2014 Collection preview brought California to Dubai, taking us through the brand’s West Coast heritage, definitely an evening spent in ‘True California’.

This season’s Ready-to-Wear unveiled Banana Republic’s classical American appeal expressing an authentically fresh and friendly sportswear collection. A neutral color palette was definitely the inspiration behind this contemporary collection. Acting head of Woman’s design mentions her melange of “Sonoran desert shades; sand, oatmeal and hints of grounding coral”. The pants silhouettes were causal and relaxed.. My favorite were the classical ivory linen & cotton navy pique trousers styled with ankle-strapped shades of brun sandals. From flattering fluted skirts, to soft borrowed from the ‘boyfriend’ white & beige chinos cuffed right above the ankles.. all were seen classically coupled with a tonal basket- weave sweater and Banana Republic’s signature safari Jacket.

Color-blocked tuxedo stripes, braided bangle bracelets and monochrome bucket bags were alive throughout the musical night. Tailored khaki suits, sophisticated pea-coats and light wash jeans took the hype in menswear this season.

As we watched the sun set amidst the lush green gardens surrounded by fresh water fountains of youth & joy.. swings & hammocks danced the night away to a lively ambiance where guests could kick-back to some fresh lemonade, candy, canapes and live barbecue.
Models and puppies dressed the garden with Banana Republic’s west coast feel while we got to go home with a fun-frenzy flip book and a pretty pink & tan leather plush pouch.

 It was all about California Love in Dazzling Dubai
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Banana Republic

Noura G xx


Birds of A Feather.. Get Fit Together !


Fitness is an important aspect of my life, so I like to find new ways to enjoy
getting fit with either my husband or a friend.

Here’s my list of the Top 5 workouts you’d love to try with either a friend or simply
spice up your love life and try something different !

This one is for the adventurous ones who would dare to explore boundaries they
have never even met.. Acro Yoga blends the wisdom of yoga, acrobatics & Thai
Massage to create fun, exploratory and challenging sessions that build trust. A
great workout filled with excitement.
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The weather in Dubai is perfect for outdoorsy activities. Enjoy a casual bike ride
across scenic paths alongside Jumeirah Beach or race down the road and climb dirt paths along the route to Bab Al Shams Resort.. whatever the route may be, forget the gym
and spend some quality time with each other in the fresh air & the sweet sunshine.


Tough times calls for tough measures.. Here’s for some combat fitness that will
definitely keep your heart pumping. KO is a family- run club based in Dubai Marina
& Sheikh Zayed RD. A combination of classes, such as Kickboxing, Boking, Muay Thai
Judo, and Capoiera to choose from. Fight it off together.
Call +971502861673 for more information.

Now you can hit the beach together and surfboard through some waves.
Traditionally a Polynesian past-time for fishing over shallow reefs and transporting between islands. This new craze across the shores of Dubai is defiantly one to try..
Water sports fun, one for laughs certainly one for the abs..
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We all love to go for one of those romantic walks in the Park.. Hyde Park is surely one of my favorites. Why not try out something a little more intense like Tabata training. A high-impact workout that will keep you burning calories even after the workout. Compromising certain exercises of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off (rest) for a total of 8 rounds per exercise. (For example, 8 rounds of squats; each one 20 seconds on followed by a 10 second rest then back to 20 seconds on) Try the usual squats, pushups and situps in sequence. While one of you is timekeeping make sure your partner is performing each exercise correctly. And if you want a bonus workout hit the jogging track for a little competitive sprint race.


Safa Park, Jumeirah - Al Wasl Road

Safa Park, Jumeirah – Al Wasl Road

Noura G xx