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Benefit Cosmetics has always been one of my favorite beauty brands, as they always find a fun and feminine way to create fabulous make up products.

Originating from San Francisco, Benefit’s Cosmetic range consists of the perfect combination of beauty products for the cute and dreamy little miss in you. Flawless makeup calls for flawless skin.. And Benefit has the fanciful answer to all your bella beauty needs.

New to it’s whimsical product range is the ROLLER LASH.. This Mascara is definitely the season’s must-have goodie. Super- curling and lifting, the unique ‘Hook’N’Roll’ brush is designed to brush through, lengthen and lift those dreamy curly lashes.

Power up those lashes with this unique formula designed to Mesmerize Dazzle Swirl Twirl & Curl

** In Sephora stores across UAE from April 1st 2015, get yours while stocks last ! **

Noura G xx