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Molto Moschino


Italian designer Franco Moschino is known for his eccentric, colorful and marvelous designs. Created in 1983, Moschino is one of Italy’s most successful fashion houses today.

I was pleased to be invited to a private VIP preview of the Spring/Summer’14 collection.The event was celebrated in the heart of DIFC through an artistic expression of the brand’s heritage, fun and pizazz.  The SS14 collection was unveiled in a dramatic & decorative manner as live music orchestrated the eloquent evening with risqué-rouge lights symbolizing the sexy Moschino Mademoiselle. Models showcasing the collection were demonstrated in a good/bad duality that complemented the I-am-what-I-am approach.

Sequins, leather and chains translated as Molto Moschino in an elegant glamor more appropriate for the brand’s ‘Bad’ Moschino woman. On the contrary,the grace & tenderness of ruffles, gingham and polka dot circle skirts manifested the ‘Good’ Moschino woman.

Molto Moschino is Molto Dolce.. Grazie Mille Moschino !

Noura G xx

IMG_0252IMG_0253IMG_00001527IMG_00001528Please visit for more information on the collection.



I am one who is charmed by the evolution of Fashion & how it never ceases to flower and develop in more ways than one.

Mahani Dubai is elegantly nestled within the Emirates Towers Boulevard, this is one of Dubai’s most creative boutique concepts; combining a carefully curated selection of Fashion, Food, Art & Magazines.

The boutique is a place where young designers can showcase their talents in order to allow for them to flourish. In an urban yet stylish atmosphere Mahani’s interiors designed by London-based studio Togood creates an eccentric ambiance where finesse meets minimalism. Guests can also enjoy a selection of pastries and beverages created by Italian food designers Arabeschi Di Latte made by Fait Maison Dubai. Whether its looking through the stores innovative magazines such as Love, POP and Interview or checking out this season’s latest trends, Mahani has got the latest in Fashion for you !

Fashion is all about creativity and beauty, new designers today are confronted with many opportunities to showcase their talents. Having attended Mahani’s exclusive ‘Fashion Talks’ event, I was impressed with the latest in Fashion.

London- based Fashion designers, James Long, JJS Lee and Matthew Miller independently showcased their Spring-Summer ’14 Collection in a rather refreshing and interactive manner. Hosted by Mohammed Al Habtoor, Zahra Lyla Pedram and on behalf of Mahani – Farah Taqi & Cedric Lavens, 3 panels of discussions took place amongst the designers embracing Trend Analysis, Fashion History in Digital Times and the Business of Fashion.

“Trends start from the street on” It is really all about street style and free styling. Designers are particularly captivated by mixing and matching rather than wearing a particular brand from head to toe.

The designers agreed that SS ’14 must have items for every fashionista are a sweatshirt and a pair of chic trainers. As fashion re invents itself endlessly through the years we do find that certain trends are repetitive, white and blue are 2 color trends that have a regular occurrence. History plays a big role on the fashion trends of today.

As designers create new pieces the impact of the digital world has assisted in what we call ‘Fast Fashion’ today.

Designers live for their dream, which is to create masterpieces of work to adorn a man or a woman. The technological era today has allowed for designers to receive instant feedback on their fashion shows or simply their pieces. With the rise of fashion bloggers, fashion designers have also seen a rise of awareness for their brands. This positive impact has benefited designers all over the world who aim to increase appreciation of their creations & exposure of their brands.

Mahani hosted an enlightening event that allowed for new designers to share their experiences and know-how of the industry, as well as their reasons for exploring the Middle Eastern markets.

Fashion collaborates passion, culture and inspiration in a world of creativity and opportunity.. This is definitely where I belong.

Visit for more on the boutique concept and designer brands.

Below are my SS’14 must have pieces.. what are yours ?

Noura x

Chloé Suede, leather and canvas wedge sneakers  AED2,588

Suede, leather and canvas wedge sneakers

HOMIES Crewneck White/Gold  AED 440

HOMIES Crewneck White/Gold
AED 440