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What’s the Skinny ?


I believe that being healthy is all about a healthy lifestyle.. you can’t get yourself into the body you want, look and feel great by a temporary diet fix. Fitness, health and wellness in general is all about living healthy everyday !

Of course we can allow ourselves to indulge once in a while.. but imagine you could indulge in your favorite chocolate chip cupcake without feeling guilty about it.. Wishful thinking or could it be real ?

Skinny Genie has got the sexy-secret magic formula you’ve been craving for.. where you can finally indulge in your favorite dessert without a yearning worry.
A lifestyle company dedicated to creating wholesome foods through embracing natural, organic ingredients.

Skinny Genie ensures all yummies are freshly baked within a 100% gluten-free environment, using organic ingredients, replacing/ reducing fat with homemade fruit compote, lowering sodium content and eliminating preservatives by ensuring the use of natural ingredients.

Embracing natural sweeteners like Agave syrup and carefully selecting super-foods, in order to ensure you can enjoy a mouthwatering dessert that is also nutritionally beneficial for you.

So here’s the Skinny..

  • Low fat
  • Low sugar
  • Low sodium
  • Low calories
  • 100% gluten free
  • Organic ingredients
  • Yummy super-foods ( Chia seeds, Gogi berries, Blueberries.. )


What happens when you have a genie, some magical ingredients and a little bit of pixie dusted gluten free goodness ?
We get a little bit Skinny and a lot more Dolce 😉

For delivery in the UAE call : 800 SKINNY(754669)
or visit and for more information.

Noura G xx