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Bali Bliss Adventure & Retreat


Looking for a great getaway, where you can just unwind and relax ? Where everything is already planned for you ? A place where you can switch off and embrace reconnecting with yourself ? An experience solely based on you and your inner being ?

Look no further.. This year from June 3rd -10th 2017, Bali Bliss Adventure & Retreat takes place in the private resort and breathtaking hideaway of Sumberkima Hill. Stuning panormaic views of Permuteran Beach awaits you combined with Manjangan Island and Java’s Volcanic Mountain.

Yogalatesbliss signature 7 night / 8 day escapade includes daily restorative and relaxing sunrise & sunset Yoga sessions, secret waterfall hikes joined with refreshing cool dips. Mountain Bike tour into villages and the spontaneous opportunity to witness a Krisdance ceremony. Enjoy Snorkeling the finest reefs of Sumberkima, sunset Island cruises completed with yoga & a surprise dinner. Experience an extraordinary cooking class with well renowned Head Chef – fresh and delicious Seafood and vegetarian soul food. Completely let go with a Balinese deep tissue massage and plenty of R&R to this therapeutic view.. Which has been carefully created to allow your 5 senses to surrender in pure blissful sensations.

Relax, Revive & Restore your inner being with this once in a lifetime experience !

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Harmony at Yoga Ashram

Yoga is definitely one of my favorite practices as it aims to create balance between the union of the mind body & spirit.

Yoga Ashram has recently opened its tranquil doors in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai. Yoga is an ancient practice that has traveled down centuries from the east, teaching and educating people all over the world about the many well-being, lifestyle and spiritual benefits Yoga aims to provide to each practice. An Ashram is a peaceful and tranquil place in which people rest and rejuvenate as well as learn new skills. Through each posture you gain movement and flexibility of your body as you energize your mind and renew your spirit. Practicing Yoga with a dedicated and disciplined mindset can help you discover the transforming power of a quite mind expressing your best most calm self. The aim of Yoga Ashram is to help you find ‘Your Yoga’ guiding you to find inner joy by eliminating stress, getting physically healthy, fit and mentally alert.

The beauty at Yoga Ashram lies in the variety of classes you can choose from, whether you are a beginner or a Yoga advocate you will find a class perfect for you. From Sri Sri Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Desktop Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Moms & Tots Yoga even introducing Pilates and Belly Dancing as additional classes to help you find ways to connect with the union of the mind, body and spirit.

Yoga Ashram is also know to host weekend workshops in order to educate / elaborate on specific yoga techniques. Make sure to visit Yoga Ashram in order to receive the latest updates about upcoming workshops !

Set in a beautiful location overlooking lush gardens and tranquil waters, Yoga Ashram is a place to find peace, harmony and serenity.

What better way to enjoy a Yoga session in tranquil silence of the sky where the city’s hustle and bustle is just too far down to notice.

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Yoga Ashram

Noura G xx

Holiztik Healing through Yoga


Yoga is quite a popular practice that has become widely available today. However there really is more to yoga than simply an hour of a workout.

I am extremely passionate about yoga having been practicing for 9 years, I have come to acquire the knowledge in identifying Yoga for what it really is versus just another workout.
I am pleased to support the few professionals within the industry and would love to share the knowledge with you.

Yoga is a spiritual, physical and mindful practice, these elements are combined together through the power of breath, balance & focus. Yoga consists of ‘Yama’ which are restrictions / rules of behavior in order to enable harmony. ‘Niyama’ consists of rules of behavior which enable balance. ‘Asana’ are the actual postures. ‘Pranayama’ is a yogic technique for rhythmic breathing. ‘Pratyahara’ which is the withdrawal of attention within oneself – remaining centered. ‘Dharana’ is concentration. ‘Dhyana’ is meditation. Ultimately we have ‘ Samadhi’ which is the stage of realization of the essential self.
Without going into to much detail ( attend the upcoming workshop to learn more) I just wanted to give you an idea about the true depths which create Yoga, and how it really is essential to explore all such elements within a Yoga practice.

Yoga is a way of life, once you have been enlightened by the many benefits it brings to you spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically it would be difficult to take a step back.

Being so passionate for what I practice, I was invited to attend a phenomenal ‘Chakra Immersion’ Workshop this past weekend. Holiztik is founded by a lovely couple who have dedicated their lives to giving to others. Living and teaching in Thailand, Elvin and Timothy travel the world to educate and heal the souls of many. Their love for Yoga is expressed through their outstanding workshops which combine a combination of theoretical aspects, practical experiences as well as deep meditation.
I was impressed by the professionalism and passion these two expressed throughout the day, I was enlightened with knowledge I will carry throughout my lifetime.

If you are so passionate about Yoga just like me, or if you are new to the idea of Yoga and keen on exploring.. this workshop is for you !

Elvin & Timothy will be conducting their final workshop for this season this upcoming weekend.. This time they will discuss ‘Self Healing with Yoga’ which will compromise the core Hatha Yoga practice for perfect health.

From a simple flu to more serious health issues like asthma, digestive problems, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, infertility, cardiovascular diseases, or even cancer… Yoga has answers.
Find out these answers this Friday, January 31st & Saturday, February 1st 2014.
Spots are filling up fast.. Book your spot today !

P.S – If you don’t want to worry about transportation, Holiztik has teamed up with Uber to offer rides to their workshops. With the Uber service, you will get picked up in a luxurious car, so you can just relax and stay in the bliss of the yoga weekend.

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Nature has the best remedies.. Learn to Heal yourself and those you love with Yoga 🙂

Noura G xx

A Fusion you can’t miss.. Yogalates Bliss


I’ve always been dedicated to the practice of yoga, due to it’s many health & spiritual benefits. In an hour of yoga you can target key muscles, joints, organ functions as well as learn about the discipline of silencing the mind allowing it to focus and remain calm. The combination of bodily postures & mental well-being is completed through a spiritual peacefulness which yoga brings.
Pilates has also always been a favorite, where the focal point of the class is to strengthen your core / spine.. in order to achieve lean beautiful muscles.

Yoga is an ancient Eastern practice that harnesses the power of the mind, body and spirit, with meditating, relaxing and flexibility being the main focus. In practicing Yoga, you move from one pose to another, enhancing strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and mental clarity. Through developing a conscious awareness of the body, mind, breath and life force (prana), Yoga has the ability to be deeply relaxing and health enhancing.

Pilates, on the other hand, was invented by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s as a way to build strength in the postural muscles and prevent injury.  In a Pilates class, strengthening the core is the main objective. Each pose is combined with movements of the limbs, improving spinal flexibility, posture and alignment. Pilates is known globally as a system of muscular skeletal exercises that augment sporting activities, assist in injury rehabilitation and supports those with back problems through re-educating the body’s postural muscles to create a very safe and strong foundation for movement.

Now think about the fusion of these two.. Yogalates Bliss comes in offering a middle ground, combining the best of both worlds by fusing principles of core stability with the foundation of Yoga Therapy. It infuses a meditative aspect that is the core of yoga class but not present in Pilates class, yet concentrates on strengthening the core as in Pilates class. Yogalates, fuses the best of both worlds.. where you can achieve the benefits of a yoga practice as well as the conditioning from a Pilates class in one go !

Beginning your day or ending your day with this restorative and revitalizing practice is definitely something to consider. In a soothing ambiance, on a relaxed rooftop amidst the beautiful Dubai city skyline, you are at a complete state of zen when the steady silent sky is closer to you than the city’s hustle & bustle.

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Yogalates Bliss is infused with Dolce-ness

Noura G xx